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Learn Solutions for Sustainable Living including Growing Food & More

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ gives you a tour of the Ecology Center that teaches sustainable living to urban dwellers. In this episode, you will learn about the Ecology Center located in San Juan Capistrano, California and see some of the areas of the center. You will learn 2 ways to grow food at home, how to save your rain water to water your garden, how to save greywater to water your trees and shrubs, about food miles and how far food has to travel, how to construct a raised bed garden and protect it from gophers, how to construct a raised bed planter that can be placed on a patio or deck, how to use water and steel drums to grow food, learn about bio swales, how you can use lemons for cleaning, beeswax instead of saran wrap and so much more! After watching this episode, you will have a good checklist of things you can do today to start living a more sustainable life no matter where you live.

Learn more about the ecology center at:

Visit their YouTube Channel at:


JT Bear says:

Catching rain water is great but people need to remember that with most
modern shingle materials there will be chemical run offs with that that
would be bad for plants. Glad to see that this center has a filter on it
to show that! Thanks for another great vid John!

Jim Hawn says:

Carbon footprint? … It seems that phrase is best suited for a communist

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:

Happy Earth Day 2014 to All! I encourage everyone to live more sustainably
by growing their own food and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Courtney McFarland says:

Also it is located at a farm and next to a farm stand, so you can pick up
some veggies after you check out the center.

Courtney McFarland says:

I’ve been there!

Elizabeth Long says:

..thank you
˚ ° ˚ ◦仌..仌仌..仌仌°

Shawn Merriman says:

John, love your videos! I think you are missing the rooster in the
I have hens and a rooster in the distance and my neighbors enjoy the
country sounds from their youth, and mine. :)

spystyle says:

I love this channel but “C02 as a harmful gas” is a total scam. A new
religion that will allow the elite to tax our very breaths. What humans
exhale is not harming the Earth.

Neo Quello says:

You’ve talked on and on and on more than enough about soil mixes,
containers, growing systems and green products etc etc etc..
But you never talk enough about the plants themselves.
It would be nice if you could talk more about each plant,
how to grow them,
where to put them,
what season to grow them in,
what precautions and preventive health measures to take etc.. Thanx.

Drummergirl says:

Love the wood planters on legs! Great idea!

karl De Pauw says:

do you use bio- char in your raised beds ,it retains the moister and is a
great habithat for all your bacteria it can be used up to 30% by volume
,but i’d put in the compost bin so it’s inoculated from the start don’t use
it “raw ” or it will draw all the bacteria in the first 6 months check it

mtnmanrab says:

Very good video, good information..

Donovan Vasta says:

This is to anyone who wants to do a multiple tree planting as shown in this
video. when doing multiple plantings it is important to plant trees grown
on the same type of rootstock when doing a multiple planting for best
results. The reason being all trees should grow at a more even rate and
also when the rootstock are all the same kind they will eventually become
one giant root mass that work in symbiosis rather than competing for
nutrients. I leaned this at a California Rare Fruit growers meeting just
wanted to share if anyone was interested.

Yolanda Soto Lopez says:

I get so many lemons off of my tree.. usually over 500 a year.. I end up
having to give most of them away or throw them away. Now, I will start
using them to make cleaners. 

Vegan Homeslice says:


Gardening Secrets Revealed says:

Hey Bro, is it possible to pass poison/toxins from the soil through the
roots into the vegetable… or Fruit? P.S. I used to live 10 minutes north
of that place…

Michael Larson says:

Go to the new channel called MAGICAL KORNER.

Beth DeRoos says:

OMGosh John you have five toe shoes on!! Nice.

The wood planters with the legs are great for people who are in wheel
chairs or have mobility issues. We also have a modern grey water system
which filters the water from the kitchen sink, washer and shower.

And we use hanging baskets for growing cherry tomatoes, cucumbers,
strawberries. And grow potatoes in 30 gallon Rubbermaid garbage cans
because they grow a lot of potatoes in a small space.

Lori Armstrong says:

Thank you John for teaching us so much ~ ☼

workoutwithdi says:

wow great place! Lots of ideas we can all get from this! I’m hoping to
transplant my peppers and tomato seedlings this weekend! Growing my own and
hoping to get more food than last year…. drought here in So Cal is
concerning though… if people stopped watering grass now the problem
wouldn’t be as bad!

Terry Floyd says:
Rachel C says:

John I am just so happy I found your channel. ^__^ Like if I had to rate my
happiness from 1 to 10 it would be 1000! I love your channel I love how you
aim to be organic in everything you do. I love your work and I just love
your talent in growing your own vegetables. I often find myself dreading my
family because they are not like you in fact quite the opposite. They rely
A LOT on pesticides. Our grass looks pretty and all but there are so many
bugs that I KNOW can be gone if only they would stop spraying the
pesticides and let me use your work to make our home as pest free as
possible. One day ‘:) Unfortunately when I thought I finally convinced my
dad to stop spraying I went out and bought ladybugs but they died because
my dad sprayed the night before they came. 🙁 Very sad but I am determined
to change their minds! Thank you John!

Surf City Gardener says:

Thanks John! Another great video, very inspirational. 

Javier Hernandez says:

Hey John are you still in the area? I live in SJC.

WebserverVideos says:

love the star wars reference…I am your fava, bean

Prepper Madness says:

I love these episodes they inspire me to learn about different methods and
plants to grow ! 

Bryan Tilley says:

i got bees last month and they are amazing creatures. I have to stop myself
from opening the hive too much. And there are bees all over the place now.
I think more people should start raising bees.

jim nelson says:

why are raised beds better then not using a raised bed???

David MacArthur says:

Awesomeness so motivated – got an old iron claw-foot bath which I intend
some day to hock up , but for now – we have our herbs which grow allover
the show – can be a bit of a mission -s o should make a good raised herb
garden just out side the back door . thank again looking fwd to cheeking
out more of your videos John cheers . :)

eyeYQ2 says:

If your on a tight budget you can go to…umm I hate to type these words,
Dunkin Donuts. They sell their food grade buckets for a dollar or two.
Their good also for long term food storage. If you read the ingredients on
the buckets, I guarantee you wont eat a donut from them again : )

chelojelo says:

I think u just became my favorite health guru. Down to earth, not extreme,
lots of common sense and stability

Mark Ledbetter says:

Awesome!! I live 5 mins away from The Ecology Center…if only I woulda
known I would have stopped by to say hello! Dang, oh well, next time! Happy
Earth Day, John…

CraftsAndMore315 says:

19.42 Sounds like that rooster was agreeing with you (laughing). Thanks for
sharing. Great video with lots of good information for us to think about
and ponder over. christine

crazymoo56 says:

That place looks similar to a project local to my area. Unfortunately,
vandals broke into the place and smashed many things up, causing thousands
of pounds of damage and stealing a few things. It’s run by volunteers too.
I would like to see more projects like that ecology centre John. They have
lots to teach us.

Carlene B says:

Home Depot sells Growing Awareness Urban Farm Ollas online only. I bought
four of them and they all arrived intact. They were packaged very well. I
am using them in my rolling raised bed-planter and my regular raised beds.
You can also get really big Ollas that come with a cap to prevent the water
from evaporating from Dripping Springs Ollas online. I got one of those too
and it was also well packaged and did not break when being shipped. :)

Jim S says:

I found this “Planting Calendar” a while back, thought it might be helpful.
Calling your local cooperative extension is a good idea. They can help with
Great video as always, John.

drodiger says:

Hi, what is your thought on Earthan beds or Wicking beds? They both use
less water (Earthan use aquaponics water), but they need sturdy plastic as
first layer to held water and then gravel to hold this water for wicking.

Alex G says:

LOL @21:07 

nathan27bryans says:

FYI, cedar is naturally rot and insect resistant.

Josetta Persinger says:

Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been racking my brain for ideas for
pots to put my peppers in so I can move them around. The wooden containers
are a winner. My husband can get all the trash pallets we need to build a
ton of one foot square ones. Also enjoyed the part about the homemade
cleaner. We haven’t used store bought cleaners in this house for years.
Mostly we use vinegar and baking soda. 

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