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Learn about the Largest Online Organic Gardening Community: You

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com talks to Josh Cunnings of the Boogie Brew who will share stories of the largest online gardening community: You!

Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered about your garden with the link below:

In this episode, John asks Josh to share stories of the Growing Your Greens community: You. You will hear you all are making positive changes in your lives as well as others. You will also get some organic gardening tips as well.

You will also learn how John and Josh met, and much, much more.

Thank You for supporting me and my YouTube channel that enables me to fulfill one of my life’s missions.

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Stephanie Hostetter-Veil says:

Great job of keeping Josh on topic!! You two bounce off each other very well…The hard part is moving away from our comfort zones, to obtain our self sufficentency.

Jesus Bustos says:

"the miracle is to walk on earth "Thich Nhat Hanh"

Jesus Bustos says:

"the miracle is to walk on" Thich Nhat Hanh….trying to make a full circle back to respecting human life and the planet through righteous food as a small scale market grower….awesome video and thanks John (GYG) Josh (Boogie)

Traveler1226 says:

If there is one movement worth joining, it is the growing community of people around the industrialized world that have started growing there own food. Hell, I just placed an order with Boogiebrew today for Azomite. I'm saving now for a worm farm set up.Hang tough, we're with you guys.

Roxanne Cox says:

You guys are the best!

Stewart Holt says:

Love it when John has a squish. That man cares. Thumbs up chaps.

Sandra Dina says:

Thank you guys! I love your videos,I live in New York. I'm trying John,to grow in the way you do but is a challenge.i need to learn English too! 😱I i do sprout some seeds,and I'm trying to grow some herbs n regrow some veggies.i need to grow my food! bcz of my health n off corse my families too.i pray to God that I can reach this goal.i have to learn all about this growing and is not easy in this busy journey, but you are a bless! And I love you booth! Love love love God bless you and guide you and protect to you! Thank you for been a God's tool 😘🌹💋

Carlos Nonya says:

where is Josh Cunnings? miss that guy!

Rhonda Ja says:

Awe. Watching this particular video makes you realize these guys are for real!! Love watching your videos & telling friends to do so too. Keep going – The irresponsability in our country's agriculture is so wrong! Keep On, We are With You!! 😁 Tampa Bay, Fl

Nathan Eberly says:

We need a boogie hangouts call big time!

EyeAm Anew says:

Thank you for the information…  I've learned a lot and are always checking your vids..  Can you point me in the rt direction of cleaning out my system of THC naturally??

mountainsun says:

How can you say he's a troll? The dude admits to being a pothead. Boogie Brew may be a great product, but there's no doubt that guy is high.

Scott Heimann says:

love the stories. John I am a new growing your greens subscriber from Indiana. Enjoy all the videos . planning on putting rock dust down in garden before the snow begins. Thanks again!

LucyJok says:

I love John's creepy friend. His eyes bulge with comic-book like intensity. I suspect he is clinically insane.

Louise B says:

Great video. What honestly.
Louise zone 7 VA
To plant a garden is to believe in the future.

derrik tie says:

nice vid…

Courtney McFarland says:

Immaculate church of the what now??

420420clover says:

You guys are amazing. I have been inspired by so many of your videos john im now starting a small permaculture garden in my neighbors yard too feed our family's the highest quality food possible and our community. Thank you guys for positvity.

Ahaneku Chibuike says:

John and Josh u are both creat! wish I could get my hands deep down on earth grow some good cute looking crops out of it, but fortunately unfortunate I live and work in Qatar but am from the south eastern part of a country called Nigeria, I will soon go back home and practice all I have learnt from u Mr. John. best regards

James McDANIEL says:

Thanks guys! I'm from Santa Rosa and living in San Diego. The plants in my small greenhouse and my extensive outdoor container gardening plants always get a boost from boogie brew tea. It seems to work well as a form of pest control too.
I've been brewing the tea in a 5 gal bucket, but I don't use a bag while it's aerating. The Boogie brew mix floats freely in the water. I strain the tea through a 1gal cloth grow bag and add the leftover debris to my potting soil mix. Not sure if the tea is richer using this method though.

Bill Hoegemann says:

I think that both of you guys are great!!! You have shone me how to make my soil, how to keep my soil healthy, and the horrifying effects of gmo grown food. i'm scared to death about the food that is on the shelves at the store. I don't want to be poisoned by my local market. I'm trying a small garden in my back yard right now in raised beds and need help in choosing the most beneficial foods that i can grow year round since i live in so. cal. I'm a caregiver for my elderly uncle who is a full blown dieibedic . i bought the boogie brew product, and need to buy the pump and bubblier for the tea .if you guys pass through the Arcadia area I would love a visit. after all i need all the help i can get. I've installed my own under ground water system you might be interested in. it works pretty good and it's pretty cheep to make from the big box store.I would love your input.I love all your vids, i learn every time i watch them— ,thank tho both. I think that you too should teem up, i thing you would have a well redounded company, that would cover seeds and plants and how best on how to care for them. looking forward to your next vid.need help when you get a chance.

couldbelive says:


1mtstewart says:

It sounds to me like you guys need to get Capitalized and build warehouses in the districts that have many gardeners and farmers that will use your products. I think if you could take in rail shipments of Azomite and other rock dusts, Sea Agra and/ or Ocean Solution (which I still can't understand why shipping water is efficient, though I have purchased some), the Boogie Brew seed stock for making great world class teas, Mushroom Cultures by Mushroom Mountain (Trad and Olga Cotter) and other fantastic products would make sense. That way you could truck these components to distribution sales stores or coops that would get your products down to the local level.

what do you see dominating chain and hardware stores? scotts, round up, miracle grow etc…

all of these products end up in our rivers and coastal regions eventually. mis application, over application and sheer stupidity rule." if some is good, more is better!" imagine that the stuff is dynamite instead of "gardening" stuff for a minute, would we allow the free distribution and over use of dynamite in our neighborhoods? ("did'ya put enough dynamite in their Butch?")

chain stores are for the drones! you guys and many others rock!

Kortney Gentner says:

no judgement here. you guys have such passion. it's contagious. Atleast for me.

Tanja F says:

Your videos have a very real ripple effect. Everything from inspiring me to get more brave and try growing new things, sharing my extra bounty with neighbors, getting my neighbors into growing their own veggies, sharing starter plants, seeds, heck even yard waste to create compost. More recently your videos on the Heirloom Expo led us on a family adventure to the event. Thank you for taking the time to greet us. While we were there, we also met Dale of the Barrio Seed Bank who taught the kids how to make seed balls. They took their new found knowledge and presented it to their class and they did a project where they had the whole class make them. Your videos on indoor grow lights helped us to get the courage to talk to our local hydroponic shop to get a grow light set up that I donated to my kid's class. We're now growing ice cream bean trees (thanks again for highlighting growing some of the more unusual). We're about to do a workshop where we teach the kids to transplant them into bigger pots and eventually they all get to take them home and plant them in their yards. It's not just about those of us who are watching now, but those of us who are your community who are expanding the community with friends, family, the next generation, etc. to get our planet and food supply on track towards becoming a lot more healthy and sustainable. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Oro4MadNess says:

I always enjoy watching Josh…..

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