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Large Harvest From The 100% Organic Garden

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The 2nd harvest of the year, but by far the largest one this year. Many more harvests to come, and so many more things will be ripening up!
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OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

Luke, your garden looks fantastic! Great harvest too.

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY says:

Right on, Luke! A dream come true for you to see these pounds and pounds
harvested from your garden and a true joy to give it away! You’ve inspired
me to plant some more chard – my plants have been going strong for three
years, but I need some more right outside my back door! 

Garden Novice Farm says:

On the Swiss Chard, you could do wraps in the same way if you did cabbage
rolls. Block gardening is so much easier…Your garden this year is

Eric S says:

Incredible! Pickled beets are the best. 

Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable says:

That’s a great harvest Luke ! We have been pulling from our garden for most
suppers these days 😉 

Agrosuede Backyard Gardening says:

Oh oh nice harvest indeed! Organic gardening can work!!!

Dave S. in W.V. says:

Absolutely beautiful Luke.! So how r your onions doing?

Horta em Baldes says:

wow, amazing harvest,radishes,chards,nice garden

imasurvivornthriver says:


Lady Grimstress says:

I have never eaten beets; not from what I can remember. I bought some from
the store for my family to try and maybe add to the salad garden. I
accidently bought radishes xD Which were spicy and IMO gross! I better get
it right next time, my husband made fun of me forever about it. I have a
lot of leafy veggies to try, I am not very “cultured” I guess. I tried
kale, too. Tastes so much like broccoli. I added it to the garden, too. It
is easy to sneak into my kids food. They think it’s just seasoning flakes
like parsley lol

Daniel Gilliland says:

Swiss chard and beets are in the goosefoot family, chard isn’t just a
bulbless beet. They share a family tree but the flavor, texture and
nutrition are slightly different. Most notable difference is the sodium
content in beet greens being higher, and swiss chard having twice the
vitamin k.

Your garden is so amazing +MIgardener, it’s nice to see a harvest video
like this one, and the fact that you shared your zucchini harvest mid video
with your neighbors adds a warm feeling to the show. I can’t wait to see
more like this :)

Julia Ramirez says:

What a great teacher you are! Thank you for sharing that nutritious food
with others.What a gift you are to society. 

dakotabob10 says:

This time of year is awesome. I have been feeding my wife’s mother and
sisters plus all the city employees down at city hall. They are almost
ready to go on strike if I bring them any more eggplant, cucumbers, peppers
or tomatoes. My chest freezer is full and I have been pickling and canning
whatever I can. Today I am putting up tomatoes. Thanks for posting and have
a great day!

Melissa Blaske says:

Oh my goodness!! How amazing! I am going to use one of your photos off fb
for my future home vision board 🙂 

High Desert Garden says:

I was just looking at buying some citrus trees and I discovered that you
work for Larrys Orchids & Tropicals.

Dennis Laing says:

Awesome show, always get something out of it. Thank you!

Heidy Blalack says:

OMG that Swiss Chard is amazing looking. I share a garden and the
neighbors planted the swiss chard and they have moved out but now I get
what they left. 

Brock Hughes says:

Understatement is is dead on Luke! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

madcypress aquariums Lorenzo. L says:

What a beautiful garden – keep the vids coming ;)

SleestaksRule says:

WOW! You guys are really doing great. 

Greenthumb Patriot says:

whats the trick to growing huge kale?!

Hae Kim says:

Swiss chad is one of my favorite vegis. It tastes same even better than
spinach and cook faster than spinach. I planted one year that was
bi-annual vegis.

Wendi Phan says:

Absolutely gorgeous! It sure shows you put a ton of hard work into it.
What a dream edible garden! BTW do you ever dump out poor soil that’s
original to the house, or do you keep adding compost to improve it?

Will T says:

I know this is a few months old but they are awesome beets!
Great Job! Great channel!

DailyOC says:

awesome nice garden bud

OhHowHappyGardener says:

Wow– you’ve got an awesome garden, Luke! It looks like everything’s coming
in. Great job! How’s the worm farm doing? 

clara jimenez says:

Great harvest Luke !!! ,Congratulations you have done very well , God
bless you .

kbarb1000 says:

Beautiful Luke, what more can i say! Btw dehydrating the chard is a good
way to store it. I love the flakes sprinkled over other foods and added to
soups. Great job

GardenersLand says:

*Totally agree, harvest is the BEST TIME of gardening. Enjoy the fruits of
our labor*
never seen / planted yellow zucchini before, we grew the green ones, the
giant ones

Greenthumb Patriot says:

deff your best video of all time!

Rainbow Gardens says:

Great job! :))

Hae Kim says:

share this video… vegi-lovers save environment and friendlier to nature !

suburban homestead says:

incredible harvest Luke! Definitely not an understatement.

Krittika J says:


Everything just looking SUPER healthy !!!! Well done !!

JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann) says:

Absolutely gorgeous harvest, Luke. I really enjoyed watching.
~ Sheryl

Steve T-J says:

Wow Luke. That’s an awesome crop with lots more to come. You’re such an
inspiration and a shining example of a professional young man who has high
standards and morals. I applaud you most sincerely. I’d love a tour of
your garden but alas we’re quite a few miles apart. LOL. Steve from
England :)

fluffysuds says:

Wow amazing and no cabbage worms! Boy I live in the wrong area in Michigan

nellyandhernerd says:

Beautiful harvest!

RLSgardener says:

I figured for sure you would be selling some of that. Dang Luke you could
make a few extra buck selling all that good stuff. Could also be an
opportunity to get your youtube channel out to the locals.

If not going to sell ill have to use my teleportation machine and head over
to eat. Ill bring the Ranch Dressing.

It all looks great.

hopespringseternal70 says:

sweet sassy molassey!!!! good work, your stuff looks loved and happy.

teran dziadek says:

+MIgardener how large is your garden? Where do you get your seeds from?

sha whit says:

Boy oh boy, do I love your videos. I really love the harvest. My mouth was
watering! I do love that the garden was done with out herbicides,
pesticides and chemical fertilizers. I want to buy seeds of your early
varieties of veggies. How is the tower you made doing? It must be a bush by
now, lol. Thanks guys.

J&J Acres says:

Sure looks good. Good on ya for sharing the harvest!

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