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John McCarley Organic Gardening Cardboard Magic!

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John McCarley sets up a simple method for growing organic vegetables easily. Cardboard is placed on the ground in the place you wish to garden. Watch as he installs a fall garden and shares his amazing horticultural technique and breath of knowledge of soil, earthworms and more!


Sean Wall says:

Ya know this is the perfect technique for us renters out there ! Won't have to dig & leave anything permanent behind! Thanks for video! I'm doing this !

Bluessongstress1963 says:

I really wish you could list the 'ingredients' for those of us that need that info for our gardening center. THANK YOU for sharing this video, and all this info, and beauty!

Tonio Yendis says:

Black Kow is very good composed manure and can be bought at Home Depot.

Lolitabonita says:

hum organic but you use insecticide to kill slugs…funny!!

paperchasin23 says:

First step is find some colored people to do the work for ya.

Brian Kane says:

If I live till I die, I'll NEVER get used to hearing about "Compoast" ;¬) Or "Manooer"

Patricia Lanza says:

Loved the video, John. I can remember being young enough to squat and make my Lasagna Gardens. I am getting ready to expand my front gardens a box width as soon as the leaves fall. Keep up the good work.

Jotham Bessey says:

Rabbits hop along with their noses down. Even arctic hares don't seam to bother jumping a low chicken wire fence

Philippine Islands Adventure -Milo A Filipina Expat says:

Sub #356…luv'd the organic gardening ideas….wanted to learn from you DIY organic gardening, can't wait to see more of your ideas. Will learn from you am sure. Thnx for subbing back. Take care, God bless….

Joe Joe says:

If using this method can i plant strainght from seed? If so do i put seed on top of cardboard or inside ?

HRH Hopper says:

It's like Trump and the fake news crew, bombarding that poor man with questions.

The Manillegirl says:

This is what I needed to know. That I can start the cardboard mulching in late summer (very near to fall), and then plant next Spring! Lots of the other videos forget to mention the timing. Thank you!

Janette Lavender says:

Did this in my garden last fall, covered it with wood chips and things are growing beautifully. Love this system!

rameyrez says:

that's a petty for the slaugh bay…

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