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Is Ironite the Same as Azomite Rock Dust? and Other Organic Gardening Q & A

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John from http;//www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions in this long play episode. In this episode John answers the followimg questions:

Should I plant my tree collard cuttings inside under grow light or outside?
Do you grow special varieties of squash, cucumbers and melons that grow up the trellis?
What cool Gardening Type things are there to see in Las Vegas?
Is your Mexicola Avocado Still Around?
What variety of Avocado do you recommend for Texas?
what about Fertilizer for Avocado Trees?
when can we expect runner beans and sunchokes?
Is Ironite the same thing as rock dust or Azomite?
Have you seen sections of TV antenna towers used for tomato cages?
Should I aerate my compost tea from Ebay?
Can you do an episode on Poly Tunnelsa againts a greenhouse?
Will the water caught off my roof expire? will it go stagnant?
What is the best way to grow potatoes?
Can I grow fruit trees in containers?
Can you add a few seconds to each video so it plays better on the wiiU?
Do you recommend the worm inn or worm factory 360?
How do I make a high chitinase worm casting?
What kind of worms should I buy?
What kind of video camera do you use?
Where can I get Acid Soil in Switzerland? What about sunchokes and tree collards?
Do you have any reccomendations on wher to get soil biologics?
How do you mix soil biologics into you compost?
Would a wood steer compost be suitable to grow in?
Where can I find chickweed seeds?
Are there any plants that dont like purslane if I want to use a living mulch?
How do you clean your garden tools? Can I use linseed oil on them?
Do you use cloches or cold frames in your garden?
and much more.


Mark Dewey says:

Suggestion: One thing that will help us is if you put the time each
question starts in the video, in the description.

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