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Is Bokashi Composting Good or Bad & More Organic Gardening Q&A

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions.

Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered with the links below:

In this episode, John will answer the following questions:
01:55 Best Spacing for Drip Emitters in Raised Bed?
03:46 Do you fill your entire bed with compost?
04:50 Any advise on growing and using Egyptian Spinach?
07:46 How can I spray bugs indoors without losing the plant?
09:39 Do you have a video on edible perennials to survive northern nevada?
10:35 Can compost be made from Dug up weeds?
11:13 Where is the information on the Neem oil and Dr. Bronners Sal Suds Soap?
11:55 What is the non toxic wood sealant product to treat wood on raised beds?
13:33 Should I add all my saved compost to my joraform composter at once?
14:52 Should I worry about drainage in my raised beds over clay soil?
16:20 What are your thoughts on the bokashi bran composting method?
18:24 Any tips on growing medicinal cannabis aka marijuana?
19:42 What is the best depth to build a raised bed garden?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well.

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Keepskatin says:

First,like a Boss.That guy asking about medicinal marijuana is a drug
dealer,and there is no such thing as medicinal Cannabis.It’s all the
same,just different strain of Indica and Sativa.Medicinal is a term that
potheads and dealers created to make themselves feel less guilty,buy adding

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
Espresso Emperor says:

Hello John, do you filter your water so that it doesn’t contain chlorine or
other harmful chemicals because, I am worried that my Mycorrhizae isn’t
working at it’s fullest because my hose water may be affecting it.

FRoDT 'whut says:

Would really love to read german subtitles :)

G'Maw's Garden says:

FYI — Bokashi is used to inoculate your compost with more beneficial
microorganisms that simple help to break down the compost even more
making nutrients more readily available to the plants. Oh John I am so
proud you have a girl friend. I have been married for 35 yrs and love being
in his presence. Neither of us work anymore so we are home together 24/7. I
wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mark Valencia says:

I use the Bokashi bucket just as a regular compost container because I love
the size, good lid, and the tap on the bottom is handy to syphon the
fermentation juice (the microbes are great in the garden) but I don’t buy
the activator – I reckon it’s a waste of money. I only compost green waste
from my kitchen which there’s plenty of… 🙂 

Candy Rayne says:

Woot woot!! :)

Sekou Getrouw says:


South Florida Farming says:

fungi + fungirl…rock on john

aaronCapricorn says:

I want a girlfriend that is open minded and loves to garden with me.. sigh*

Tim Robinson says:

You go John, treat that lady like a queen. But, stay true to yourself at
the same time. Wish you the best

CannaHeaven says:

Insect Frass tea is the BEST organic insecticide on the market.. My leaves
get sticky like those yellow fly traps and the small insects just stick and
die on them.. it’s the weirdest thing, but it works!

Charlieswag9000 says:

To the buy who asked about the cannabis nutrients I’d say blue planet
nutrients is the way to go

Courtney McFarland says:

I wouldn’t say “more important”… Gardening is your passion and one of
your life’s purposes, so your significant other should be supportive of it
and the things you love and make you happy. Support her in the things she
loves and feels passionate about too, but don’t worry too much about
“losing” her. If she’s the right one for you she won’t go anywhere :)

Newton's Third Law says:

Good luck with that relationship, buddy. We know you’ve been lookin for a
while, and I know that feel.

Farmer Charlie says:

BoKashi would be a great subject. I make mine all the way from the rice
serum to EM1 to added amendments to fermenting on bran meal & I have
awesome results!!!!

Jeffery Dodson says:

tobacco juice, will also kill bugs well, just stop spraying 2 weeks from
harvest, and/or wash fully before eating. :)

Roxanne Cox says:

Dude, you put it out there!!!! We LOVE IT when our men declare that we are
priority! She must be very special indeed. Wishing you happiness and love.
OK, now I’ll watch the rest of the video. :-)

asabagrendel says:

Congrats for finding a new girlfriend. This must be serious if she’s more
important than your garden! Hopefully she loves gardening as much as you do
and you can garden together.

Li Ezl says:

yay!!!! John can she garden with you… or a episode.. ^.^

Bianca Zoie says:

Hey John, I’m so happy for you on your new relationship. The very best
wishes for much love and happiness. Hope you will do a video with her some
Thanks for all your videos and sharings.

Marsha B says:

Hi John. Good for you, you got a girlfriend. She’s a lucky girl. I hope you
feed her your veggies;-)

jo232409 says:

I’m excited for this upcoming outdoor pot video. I was installing a garden
bed yesterday and looked over my fence, my neighbors got like 7 small
plants in their backyard. That gave me a chuckle. I told a coworker and she
was like, “Maybe you can trade some squash.”

AgendaInMind says:

That new girlfriend if yours better treat you right!!

Alberta Urban Garden says:

I would have to disagree with the comments you made about Bokashi Compost
for a number of reasons. I agree and practice both thermal and vermi
compost the Bokashi compost process has some issues that are either
irreverent or possibly harmful.

First off the beneficial microbes in your soil are all aerobic meaning they
need oxygen to work optimally. The Bokashi method excludes oxygen and
breeds bacteria that are non-beneficial once introduced to the garden.
There was also a study done on measuring the content of the liquid
produced. if you follow the dilution recommendation of the system your
basically watering and have diluted out anything of value. if you use the
liquid directly there is not a whole lot in there that’s available or

the inoculation sold is extremely hard to keep alive. minor changes in
temperature can render the entire package dead and non-functional. I would
venture to say between transport, the store and your house at one point it
has been killed.

the last part of my response is space restriction. If your in an apartment
there are still organic wastes that need to come out of the system. If you
want to compost in small spaces and put the resulting material to good use
in your plants get some composting worms. They not only provide lots of
beneficial bacteria but plant growth hormones.

illyounotme says:

Congrats finding a girlfriend John, hopefully she shares your love of
gardening. Then she can spend time with you while you spend time with the

TheItalian Garden says:

awesome to hear that john! the super gardener also has someone special in
his life. someone should always have some special. Just as long as they
support your interest anyway lol.

Dan Baker says:

YouTube is absolutely FULL of videos about growing your own weed. Most of
us would like to keep this channel from becoming dominated by this topic.
Some of us are actually trying to grow food here.

Sasha Lemay says:

Congratulations, John! I’m very happy for you :)

John San Nicolas says:

Great video’s! Thanks for sharing! And yes, “watch the foot in the mouth”,
internet is forever. Courtney pretty much covered it all. 

Vegana M.K. says:

John, I am really happy for you and keep up the videos like always 😀 😀
also great to see your egyptian spinach do so well

Robert Greene says:

This was a bade year for gardening hear in Michigan. I did the same think
this year as last year. I got my plant form a mom and pop shop. Hopefully
next year. Jest need to tell some one thanks for your time


Socrates Raramuri says:

sex is made little of in modern cultures but we are most like the bonobo,
i.e. very sexual animals. The more research i do, the more it seems that
good health and good sex are strongly linked. Congrats for finding the
whole package!

TheKnechtech says:

Thanks for all the time you spend on the great videos to help people. Best
of luck with your new love life you deserve it. 

Gardening Tips With Phil says:

great video again John, thanks for the information. Always I have learned
something. Congrats on the new relationship, hope she is as keen on
gardening as you.

Greg Avila says:

Good day John. I’m looking foreword to your trip back to California video.
It should be sweet. Thank you for all the knowledge.

percussiveone says:

I used the Eco Wood Treatment on 2 new beds this weekend! Built all out of
recycled wood, including old cedar fence boards I tore down. Hope it works
well, but looks good! Keep up the good work. Good luck with the new lady!

david huston says:

great videos john,keep up the good work…when are we going to see your new

Kiki Lang says:

I assume you do the cooking, but if your girlfriend cooks, she could do
videos of the food you cook.

Pete Martell says:

Pleeeeeease upload the medical cannabis video soon. I’m a legitimate legal
patient and have had bad luck trying to grow my own medicine indoors.
Would love to see that video asap so I can successfully ease my own pain.
Thanks John!!

DAve B says:

im wanting to build a garden but i only have the south side of my yard with
an 8 foot fence that restricts the sun.. how can i fix this? pergola with
some type of covering? any input is greatly appreciated

lfthzmrk says:

LOL! “Still wrapping your head around it” John, THAT was hilarious. Thanks
for the chuckle and as usual the informative video.

Paul V. Cassidy says:

I think I’m doing this Bokashi method. I got five pallets – four for the
sides and one for the roof – into which I just tip food waste. It’s really
a wormery which wolfs through stuff at an incredible rate. I tend to put in
a fortnight’s worth of stuff at a time such that the interval is sufficient
to reduce the waste to worm castings. During the Winter it attracts a
juvenile Stoat or Pine Martin which love to over-winter there. They emerge
in Spring very well fattened up and fit for life in the surrounding
country. Proud little creatures which really do have to struggle to keep
alive giving the amount of hunting dogs about. The stoats are great for
keeping rats and mice at bay and maintain a sort of kill cupboard during
the Winter where they stash kill. The idea that a compost heap can become a
habitat for countryside critters is just the icing on the cake. Seeing them
returning home once and a while to check out their old pad is lovely.
Probably thinking of off-loading some young there when the time comes.
Though they feed off the worms they never destroy the colony supplementing
their diets with food scraps, mice and the occasional rat.

ph1ogic says:

been subscribed fro years finally a weed episode lol right on jon !

jo232409 says:

John’s got a girlfriend! Hot damn man! Good work.

Dan Baker says:

Well, it had to happen sometime. I subscribed to this channel bc it was one
of the few channels that focused on GARDENING, not growing drugs. I had to
wade through a ton of videos on frickin weed to find any useful
information. John, I’d like to encourage you to keep your channel’s focus
on growing actual food, and let the potheads make use of all the OTHER
channels out there. There’s no lack of videos on growing Mary Jane. Don’t
become lost in that crowd.

Nathan salazar says:

The Guru Of gardening ..

arentheus arentheus says:

gratz on the new gf wish you the best of luck with that also wanted to add
you have a great gardening channel keep up the good work :)

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