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Introduction to Living Roofs / Green Roofs – BGTV

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In this short video “Building Green” host Kevin Contreras visits the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, and learns about the benefits and basics of construction of living roofs from Steve Windhager, Director of the Center. Visit www.buildinggreentv.com or call your station for local PBS listings.


Amy Bowman says:
yan kumar says:

thanks for sharing Building Green TV

Seth Leitman says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

JamesJessica7771 says:

Ok.I live in Southern California and we had 3 solid hot summers
2003-2004-2005- Then in 2006- 2007 we had record Breaking freez +snow caped
mountains + best snowboarding year because of snow.this has been the same
cycle for 100 Years wiledfires in july dry in the summer+ highest
temperature ever recorded on Earth was In California in 1913 before Cars

reivilo says:

nice and dead looking

sngwidmepnoy says:

i’d like that on my house

HaremHeart says:

Beautiful idea, but won’t be effective for wildlife or cooling the city on
high rises in Miami. But other small buildings can do their part!

ntnimara says:

I dunno man.. try living in Greece this summer.. we’ve been hitting 40
degrees Celsius 3 summers in a row.. it’s getting pretty tight.. plus.. all
the heat push us to use AC to cool down.. which demands electricity, and
our electricity production is based on coal.. thus we have a seriously
polluted atmosphere.. even if you don’t believe in Global Warming, there’s
no point in not living more efficiently and cleaner

Gobbah says:


17Slaves says:

I do Now!

boeict says:

Hi, Im from the Netherlands and we need this.. I love this idea!

ii POiSiNN ii says:

The earth’s already pretty fucked.

ntnimara says:

yea.. well.. ok, I can’t really offer any arguments, cause we all know the
global warming song and all the scientific reasoning with the greenhouse
effect etc. and yes there is a political agenda that is clear as can be.
but does that change the fact that we’re polluting the environment a bit
too much?

ntnimara says:

P.S: CO2 is absorbed by plants in order to synthesize their food.. thus
green roofs would absorb CO2.

kiambas says:

we have these all over toronto and vancover!! Happy earth day all!!! nice
logo change too by the way!

FuckYouGoogle says:

Depends on what you’re planting. They’re not growing trees. Flowers and
grass do not send roots very deep.

Elizabeth King says:

….and once it’s in, it’s in. moreover, if it’s made from recyclables,
you’re in good shape. *and* they’re more efficient in the long run, which
reduces use across the board in the long run. it’s like spending $5 to save

manicmuffin says:

Rooftop gardens attract no more insects than your backyard or local park.
Plus the only insects you should worry about are insects that are vectors
of disease, like flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Flies and cockroaches
are in urban areas all the time anyway (they are attracted to the refuse),
and mosquitoes travel for miles for meals, so you can’t do anything about
that. If anything, the gardens will attract more birds and other natural
predators of insects, which could actually help.

gidgetbananas says:

Gawd, those roofs are so kewl. I wish I could have one.

juzcuz says:

This has been done for years in europe. It not only decrease heat island
effect but also decreases water runoff and replaces the plants that were
removed from the buildings footprint.

2012mshannon says:

ur a fuckin idiot

VonHOG says:

You saved the best part for last. ROOF TOP GARDENS ATTRACT INSECTS!

ntnimara says:

but you do realize that just because smoke disappears it’s still there..
just as much as before, just spread over a greater volume. when it rains
smog doesn’t disappear.. it falls down in the raindrops, possibly
contaminating rivers and lakes or plantations.. because volcano smog and
factory smog can be very different compounds

JamesJessica7771 says:

I believe that we can Pollute are environment within a city like Smog
etc…When it rains the smog disappears and vanishes like smoke disappears.
I believe us polluting the earth is Just as natural as a volcano Polluting
the earth. A volcano proves that every mineral mixed and melted and smoke
released into the air is natural. I used to live in Hawaii and Volcanoes
even created Smog like cities and they called it VOG.

Trinigyal20 says:

Thanks for uploading!


Great vid.

izurz says:

hey who or what is punkey bruster

McStabbins says:

as opposed to using the existing 1-2ft edge rise on the rooftop, think
about a bulding with about 20ft (about 1.5 floors) at the top of the
building being filled with soil. With proper irrigation, you could plant a
good sized tree up there providing shade for all that dead grass you’ve got
on your roof. As it is, you have a BROWN roof.

theatomiceye says:

nice idea, but then it rains, the roof can’t support the weight, and it
caves in. Why didn’t he ask about that… he had his list of questions in
his hand. I did enjoy the theme music in the beginning.

gaylordQtinkledink says:

yeah! also for the earth watch my video it’s important

penelopep15 says:

Thanks for recognizing earth day. I had worked on the roof projects here in
Canada. Yeah Youtube!

wang change says:

wow i thought this video was talkn bout a roof full of weed

nicktonic says:

woah good frickin vido

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