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Introduction to “Laulima Farm” a model of sustainable living

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brought to you by the Hawaii Ahupua’a Agriculture Association. This is part of our Farm Worker Training Program which is sponsored by the S.I.S.D., a local and global non-profit for research and develop of sustainable living in a way that is holistic and generative.

Generative goes beyond mere sustainability to that of thriving, living life to the fullest, being creative, independent and prosperous.

Lau Lima… “Many Hands Working Together” for common benefit. Lau Lima Farm on Maui is a model of 21st century agriculture that is organic AND profitable, one of the only examples I have seen in 16 years of exploring Hawaii that is realistically striving to be “more sustainable” whereas sustainability in itself may not be attainable.


Miles Fraser says:

Know the roots of the central banker-financed sustainability movement. Today, this plan is called UN Agenda 21.

From “Masters of Seduction,” by Jeri Lynn Ball:
 At the Sixth Party Congress held in Moscow in 1928, Communists wrote and approved “The Program” to bring in
the New World Order. What most Americans don’t know is the real nature of this
diabolical criminal scheme. The
Program of the Third International called for a global environmental program and for the
transformation of all human beings on earth to accept the New World
Order. The Communists planned to use the global environmental program as a
means of eradicating national sovereignty and creating a world dictatorship.
All nations, nationalities, and national boundaries were to be replaced by an
omnipotent, one-world government and regional governances. The Communists
did not want the American approach to liberty, with individual God-given rights
protected by a government with limited powers. The Communists did not want the
American concept of rule of law. They wanted unrestrained despotic
government, power without limit, a world without laws—a brutal,
terror-inspiring global totalitarian police state which could smash all laws of
justice, launch campaigns of enslavement and mass murder, and eliminate
opponents of the New World Order. Twenty delegates from the U.S. voted for the
1928 Program of the Third International.

Kawika Kawananakoa says:

not my best work

Masashi Kita says:

Visited once time 2007 make juice by bicycle.
What's ending song name? Who played?

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