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important to know how to grow food/organic gardening

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so true DARA when the season is upon us to take care of things and we dont
it is such a weight on me until i have squared it away , no where to hide ,
exactly , thank you for your beautiful message of love and light

OldVegan says:

Mr. Williams is so right. When I was a child in the 1950’s, our survival
depended on our garden and our day revolved around tending to the it and
preparing meals. Times sure have changed.

Rebecca Christopher says:

That man! What a wealth of information!

kath209 says:

Oh, I hope you make this a series! It will help me know what to plant (I’m
a bit South of you). xoxo

dara says:
Rebecca Riordan says:

He looks amazing for 70!

Lauren Nastasi says:

Love this!! We have our organic garden every year and this year we did one
harvest and then let it go since I had my surgery and we weren’t around. It
looks sooo bad now! Weeds everywhere and everytime I see it, it makes me
feel sad. We are planning on digging it all up and doing all new soil for
next year. Also, we buy ladybug and praying mantis eggs and put them in
there, good bugs for good produce! Xo

Nil Y says:

Thank you for the great Video Dara 🙂 Greetings from Germany :)

Dawn Headrick says:

I love this video! I was just telling a coworker that I wanted to plant an
organic garden next spring. I will have to get that book since I know
nothing about gardening.

Chunkybutterfly says:

love your videos and your concept of feng shui. Will you ever show us a
tour of your home?

TLC2287 says:

Hey Dara! Have you ever thought about being in a Crest or Colgate
commercial? You have amazing teeth!

Karla Livingston says:

Wow I love your analogy! The way we root ourselves when we don’t want to
move – we stay in that comfort zone and miss out on other opportunities
xoxo love you! Have fun with the garden- can’t wait to see what’s in store 

Cherry Street Farmers' Market says:

Such goodness – AMEN! Great video & info xoxo

Erin B says:

I grew up the way he did, my grandmother was our teacher. She lived a great
life for 95 years. Whole natural foods, no chemicals, no hormones, no
antibiotics, no GMO, earth that was not treated or destroyed, but nourished
and it flourish. Great video of the way it all should have stayed.

bloominsuccess says:

Great, great video. Well done.

David Scott says:

mmm kale … I love home made kale and broccoli soup – bright green and
organic – blended up looks and tastes awesome :)

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