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How to Start A Food Forest Garden! Organic Gardening

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How to start a food forest garden is a question I get more then any other. Today I go through in detail how to start a Permaculture Back to Eden Garden. This style of gardening is not till, and works with nature rather then against it. Investments are key to no till Gardening, every year fertility increases and so does production!

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Kim in MT. says:

Excellent idea using the contractors paper. I have used both newspaper and cardboard and agree with you on their drawbacks. I will be giving this a try.

david zabel says:

I have an orchard that is on a southern exposure but also on a slope, if I use contractors paper will I need to Terrace the slope to keep the wood chips in place when it rains? I want to use the orchard because it's fenced to keep deer out.

StevieJoes says:

👍👍🐓👍👍 nice glad YouTube suggested your channel to me!

Heartiness Approach says:

We have subscribed to your channel. We are Jim and Rhenda and we talk of Real Food, Fitness, and Emotional Wellness and we emphasize living on a homestead to restore your health and help you have sustainable living in place. Subscribe to us if you like it. Thank you. We look forward to following your channel. We love the idea of a food forest and plan to make one.

Well Prepped Pantry says:

Remember as wood chips are in the early process of breaking down, they consume huge amounts of nitrogen..so.. you'll need to compensate for that through some other means, if you're using them in and around plants that require nitrogen for their growth: i.e. leaf greens.

This Princess Lilian says:

thanks for this video. its concise, precise and enlightening. Now I 'm inspired about not mixing mulch with my soil to avoid Nitrogen tie up.

Amber Rain says:

Excellent vid- Thanks for the info.

Sarah Kaplan says:

Just found your channel, and I really like your videos. I love that you're in NJ and say "wuter" for "water" (like my mom). Did you plan water flow before mulching everything/planning your garden at the very beginning? I hesitate to mulch first b/c I don't have a whole system design, and I have a nice gradual slope, and I think maybe I need some swales or something–trying to learn and plan first before mulching. What kind of plan did you have in place before getting started?

Wendy M says:

Excellent teaching James!

kiran says:

Hi James, in our area we dont get wood chips. I do get wood shavings from carpenters. I can get straw or hay as well. I can even get just leaves partially broken down as mulch. Can you please suggest which one will be best? Thanks, Kiran

Teryl Ozolin says:

Great info on types of wood chips and when to lay them. I have clay soil in the high mountain desert, so the info about prepping clay soil was especially helpful

Robyn Latham says:

Holla from appalachia

Amanda Anderson says:

I need chickens. Here in the desert the soil has to be rebuilt. We have the compost but need bug control and manure.

Craig Wilson says:

Keep killin it bro

Christopher G says:

this is great, will subscribe. please tell how much it costs per square foot to start

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