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How to Motivate Employees to Carpool | Green Living

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Learn how to motivate your employees to carpool or take public transportation in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.

Hi, Alegre from Ember Living here today to talk about how to incentivize carpooling at your place of work. First of all, if you work in an office, a great way to incentivize carpooling, if you are in the sort of leadership position where you can make this decision, is to offer some sort of raffle for anyone who carpools or takes public transportation. Just simply enter peoples’ names into a raffle and they earn some sort of prize or incentive or money or something like that.

A second thing you can do is literally to pay for the bus passes or other public transportation yourself. I’ve even heard of some work places where they’ll actually give people a bike if people agree to bike to work. Finally, if you’re in the sort of work environment that’s not an office space, say a retail store or a restaurant, I would encourage you to offer your patrons a discount for getting to your place of business without a car. When I owned a store, I offered a 10% discount for anyone who got there by not driving. And that’s just a great way to do your part and give people food for thought and think about “huh, maybe I will walk there or take the bus there or bicycle there”. It’s something that benefits the individual, the environment, and the community all the way around, as all green living should. For more tips like this, visit my website: EmberLiving.com.


restlesswikiinfo says:

One way is that if you are sending employees on a task that needs them to
go to a different city, or province/state, then get them to carpool. Bonus,
means you only have to pay for 1 rental car and its gas or compensate 1
employee for the use of his/her car and its gas, if they choose to use
their own. 

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flawlessgenius says:

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They are all just irrelavent because i could just pay people to car pool

aariz khan says:

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pickneydem says:

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