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How to Make Your Commute Eco-Friendly | Green Living

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Learn how to make your commute more eco-friendly in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.

Hi, Alegra from Ember Living, here today to talk about how to green your commute. If you have to drive, consider carpooling. Sharing expenses with a friend will also lower your impact on the environment by reducing the amount of gasoline used and it will put money in your wallet. Also, consider driving 55, you’ll be surprised at how much money you save by driving 55, because you will instantaneously reduce your gas use by 25 to 50%. That’s great for the environment and great for your wallet. Secondly, if you have errands to run that are 2 miles or less, which most errands are 2 miles or less, consider using a bicycle.

It takes about 10 minutes maximum to ride 2 miles. It’s great for you, your waistline will be trimmer, your heart will be happy, and the environment will be happy and so will your wallet. It’s also a really relaxing way to pass some time. It makes you less stressed and crazy, so consider riding a bike. Finally, if you work somewhere that has easy access to public transportation, you might want to investigate it. I actually made money for a long time when I had to commute about 20 miles away from my house because if I had driven I would’ve had to pay for parking, gas, and increased insurance. But taking public transportation, my company actually paid for my bus pass, so I made money all the way around. So lots of tips on how to green your commute. For more tips like this, visit my website: EmberLiving.com.


restlesswikiinfo says:

What does she mean drive at 55. Driving at 55 km/h on a freeway designed
for 100 is not very safe. If you are on an arterial road,do consider
driving at 40 km/h or so, that should be safe if you use the right lane,
showing you intend to be slower. If you are in an area where one lane is
closing down and the traffic is slow enough, try to use the lane that is
closing for as long as you can, rather than merging early. That is actually
more efficient use of the road. Also safer on bikes, if you live in an area
with a grid type of network, use on of the less busy streets instead of
thinking you need to go on an arterial by means of feeling pressured of
local traffic being the intended users of streets. You could even ask your
municipality to change any stop signs on your route, to yield or ideally to
no sign in your direction. 

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