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How to Have a Completely Organic Pest Free Garden by Simply Planting Lots of Plants!

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Here at the MIgardener channel we promote organic gardening methods and
minimal impact practices. This method of gardening is not only much
more productive, but it results in using less organic pesticides, is
cheaper (meaning more money back in your pocket), and it is COMPLETELY
100% ORGANIC! Talk about easy and hands free! Let nature do it’s thing
and you get to reap all the rewards.
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Esther says:

How do you do this technique with fruit trees?

Bobbi West says:

My lord, look at it . unbelievable.

SakuyaLuigi says:

Regarding the scent of plants, I really like the scent of tomato plants. xD

hope king says:

Does this kill stink bugs?

Scott S says:

Awesome πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». Just wondering what do you do with all that Basil? Also, that is a huge garden- do you sell excess or give to family???
Very impressive!! Hope you have a photo album to show your kids later in life!!
Also wondering- you mentioned β€œ master Gardner class” was this for your career or hobby?

Isaac toko says:

I'm so glad to see your garden… as well as ur teaching is so awesome n I really like u..😊

Sam Morris III says:

Is there a book that explains these things?

Sparkle Goat says:

πŸ˜‚ 'eat your marigolds guys' , garden looks amazing

CheshireKat says:

I'd planned to have lots of herbs for this reason, but it hasn't worked out. Only the one basil I planted has done great. The dill died twice (in two different locations), and the rosemary and cilantro didn't grow at all. The borage, however, has done fantastic and the bees love them. I believe they also helped the tomatoes grow.
My tomato plants were being sucked by some sort of bug, but once the marigolds bloomed, one noticed there's hardly any marks on the tomato leaves but the Marigold leaves are riddled with them and excrement.

Valerie Truett says:

Great video. Lots of information . I don't use chemicals in my garden so I think this will help out a lot. Thanks so much.

Steph Mortus says:

I love your videos! I have learned so much, and I find myself binge watching them! 😊

HighCalip says:

What a beautiful garden and an important video for sustainability and self sufficiency. Mono craping and GMOs, spraying acres upon acres of farmland with chemicals and destroying the bio diversity of our soils in a fight against mother nature will only expedite our demise as a species. Have you purchased organic greens lately? Holy $$$ batman. Grow you own locally its good for your soul, body and the environment. Why have organic greens shipped a thousand miles on a truck when you can pluck them from your own dirt. Great important video.

Kathryn Sink says:

What about grasshoppers? They eat all of my herbs… and everything else

T Black says:

This guy is awesome.

Dan says:

Luke what is your bed spacing between beds at the cottage.

Tonya G says:

For the first time ever, we had rabbits eat our marigolds!!!! 😀😀

Thunder Rolls Media says:

The grasshoppers destroyed my cinnamon basil in a matter of a few hours!! And the marigolds??! LOL πŸ™

Amber Green says:

What state is your garden in? Do these tips work in Texas?

ayshachang says:

awesome ideas, you done a good job

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