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How to Grow a lot of Food in a Small Garden – 9 EZ tips

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Here are nine easy tips for growing more food in a small garden:

1) Grow in Beds, not Rows
2) Optimize Spacing between Beds and Plants
3) Grow Vertically
4) Succession Planting
5) Interplanting
6) Grow in the Shade
7) Grow Edible Plants in the Front Yard
8) Grow Microgreens
9) Grow in Pots & Containers

Ideas from viewers

1) Interplant sweet peas with sunchokes. The sweet peas fix nitrogen, the sunchokes act as trellises for the peas, and both attract beneficial insects.
2) 3 sisters garden
3) Grow dwarf trees and plant shade tolerant crops underneath
4) Grow in window boxes
5) Optimize use of space by growing food you like the most

OYR is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost, mulch, and compost tea. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used.

Featured Videos:

Growing Food in Partial Shade: http://youtu.be/jNsECuNTSQY

How to Build a Keyhole Raised Bed Garden:


Duy Nguyen says:

Chỉ ước về già có mảnh vườn ntn

Nova Bleazard says:

Aye this video is almost at 1 million views! Congrats!

Robin Wilson says:

I like changing the world one garden at a time. I live in a rural area so space is not a limiting factor. Many plant roots will use more space that the raised beds give. I've pulled tomato plants in the fall with roots more than three feet long. We have fields near our garden where we can cut mulch in the spring and in the fall we broadcast winter rye and hairy vetch on top of whats left of the mulch. In the spring if the rye is 70% pollen shedding it will not come back if you cut it. This no till system encourages the soil food web – see "Teaming with Microbes". I find that with winter squash they like to root along the vine so going vertical would preclude this which helps with squash bore and squash bug attacks. Maybe if you gave your potatoes more space they would get a little bit bigger. Thanks for the video. My comments are just to dialogue. I've seen many different garden methods and they all work if the gardener loves their garden.

Love Music says:

Oh, and those 18" beds! I couldn't kneel down in between to work or harvest. I don't want to do everything standing and bending at the waist.

Love Music says:

Another reason for wider paths…wheelchairs, walkers, folks who are a bit unsteady or require a helping hand.

Chinue says:

Your garden looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

Joyful Heart says:

Thank you for a quick overview of these useful tips!

FARM SHOW Magazine says:

Great tips.

Sunrise Gardens says:

Cool Garden Brother!!! Just liked and subbed ya!! I made my first video today, and am super excited to share. If ya have time, i hope ya can take a gander.
peAce from Sunrise Gardens!!! 😀

freddie naputi says:

Great video I have a ground level front stoop garden it's a splash of green oranges and yellows in a row of 4plexes .

Lea codrelief says:

Lay a bag of topsoil on the flat side. Cut an X in the bag. Plant a tomato plant in it. The roots are shallow, so it's perfect for decks and patio's.

Nasreen Fathima says:

I know it's a hard n every days work. It's my long times dream to have a fruits and vegitables garden, one day Inshaallah my dreams will come true. Urs came congrats on that's. Go green💚

Ash says:

Great unique list of helpful advise!!!

Willy Paulino says:

how deep are your beds? how deep should I set mine up?

狸猫 says:


John Rodgers says:

I have always reached optimum sunlight and ground use in rows. It is not hard to walk down a row that is fully canopied and few plants are fragile enough to be damaged walking down the row. Is lots of foilage your goal? Or produce? I can’t imagine wanting my food garden in front of my house but if it were far enough off the main road it would be fine. But this is America. If someone is going to stop me from having a garden in front they better bring a lot of artillary by gawd

altha 2014 says:

Cost more money growing in raise garden beds,, use the soil you have, build up the beds 2 inches

Franco Stacy says:

I have a small spot in the ground but I want to maximize that space. Its 28 x 12. I dont want to have raised beds but every time I search maximize this space its always raised beds. What can I do without raised beds? I dont want to spend the time and wood to make beds and I really don't see why I can not apply the same planting processes without a raised bed. Please help?

I garden because I have to says:

I need your help.

Instead of plants that grow vertically I have a balcony and want plants to grow downwards from the containers. I would like the plants to cascade down.

Any thoughts on what plants are good?

RainbowZen999 says:

Planting in my front yard led to the food being stolen.

Ivan Kinsman says:

Can you put up a video about trellising – particulatly for pumpkins

Ivan Kinsman says:

We have put in six raised beds this year and are lookinh forward to the results!

dragonopolis7227 says:

You can keep your pathway 12in if you bend your plants to create more space if you don't want to do 18 in

Che Lawrence says:

I would love to know how you started. Weather you planned the whole garden at once or slowly added a bed at a time. Right now I grow only in the front yard. I want a garden like yours in the backyard, but I just am afraid to take the plunge! For different reasons. It feels very overwhelming to me. Mostly being able to visualize it.

TammyEmerson says:

How do you keep the cats from using your garden as a litter box? Love your videos!!

karla grecar says:

Love the videos, I'm new and learning a lot thank you for sharing. I'll give thumbs up and share, but don't connect much.

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