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How To “Green” Your Period | Eco-Friendly Menstruation Tips

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In today’s video I’m sharing some alternative, eco-friendly menstrual products with you. These are perfect for ladies with sensitivity, or ladies that like to produce less (plastic) waste during that time of month. Get 10% off your first iHerb order with code HTQ1448: http://iherb.com/?rcode=HTQ1448

This video was made in collaboration with iHerb. Products mentioned:

Diva Cup – Model 1 – (Under 30 years old, never delivered vaginally or by C-section)

Diva Cup – Model 2 – (Over 30 years old and/or have delivered vaginally or by C-section)

GladRags Reusable Pantyliners

Natracare Organic Cotton Panty Liners – Ultra Thin

Natracare Organic & Natural Pads – Ultra Extra

Natracare Certified Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes http://www.iherb.com/a/39167?rcode=HTQ1448

PureTouch Skin Care Feminine Wipes

When you use my code HTQ1448, you get 10% off your first puchase, and I get a little commission.

Returning customers can get 10% of their purchase (= their loyalty credit) off of their next purchase.


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My name is Lucy, I’m a 23-year-old girl from the Netherlands, and I’m here to offer an alternative approach to beauty.

On this channel I do mostly hair tutorials where I show you how to braid, pin and style your own hair. I recreate hairstyles from movies & tv shows and I regularly come up with my own, which I love to share with you!

I do lifestyle and beauty videos as well, ranging from wearable everyday looks, makeup tips and DIY natural beauty treatments, to fashion lookbooks, vegetarian recipes and more extreme Halloween tutorials.

If you enjoy history, you’ve come to the right place as well. I have a few series based on historical makeup and hairstyling that are my little passion projects.

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rigmarole says:

Thank you SO MUCH for this video, I was wondering how to use another method for going through periods, because I read so many nasty things about classic tampons and pads (like how they treat them with chemicals and stuff like that, absolutely horrifying) so your video is saving my life (and my body) !
By the way, I'm a new subscriber and I'm really happy I joined the Loepsie family ! ♥

mallory sasser says:

not to mention the money you save with one cup vs thousands of pads and tamps.

Sapphire Rose says:

I love your lipstick!!

Sofia Pinto says:

I love your lipstick and your nailpolish, where are they from?

mellimoon77 says:

Thank you so much for your imput on these things!!! I didn't even know that reusable cotton pads existed. Thanks for the tip. Will definitely be investing in some to use in conjuction with the cup. Hooray for being safer and more environmentally friendly!

Sophia Robinson says:

I'm a swimmer, so I was wondering if the menstrual cup works while you swim. I know tampons do but would menstrual cups work in the water as well?

atlababe says:

Already been on the cup bandwagon and just ordered some of the cloth pads. Super excited for this. 😀

Carme Blanco says:

Since I saw you video (about the menstrual cup) I've been trying to use tampons (so I have the technic) !! Thank you so much for all this info <3

Shanail says:

why are you so pretty….❤

Natasha says:

I love that you are talking about natural and non polluting feminine care products!!!

Crowned Lily says:

With the cup. If you get clots while on your period I'm assuming they end up in the cup? ugh taking it out and cleaning it just sounds gross.

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