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How My Homestead & Organic Gardening SAVED my Family

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My Story, How to Homestead & Organic Gardening SAVED My family.. Learn to grow ( build ) soil with me. Homesteading income for beginners is what you make it to be…


Debbi B says:

Mark, you're not only an inspirational person but a great teacher. So glad you have been gifted to us YouTubers. Just wish it could have happened differently. Your wife sounds like she was an amazing person too. Thank you so much for sharing your story. God bless you and your sons!

Roger Hart says:

What a great video! God bless you and your family! So sorry to hear about your wife. I have lost 3 aunts, an uncle and a 32 yr old cousin (with 3 children) to cancer as well. Organic gardening will cut down on cancer and as more people do it the scientific data will absolutely prove it! God Bless again!

mpetrus100 says:

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Chuck Elliott says:

Thanks for sharing your story, cancer sucks. Keep up the good work!

Max Urfer says:

This channel is amazing.

D NH says:

Mark, you are an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us here. you should have a million subscribers…best wishes !

rudicerb97 says:

I want to thank you for sharing your experiments on no- till gardening. They are fascinating and really inspiring for us, small gardeners practicing permaculture. I appreciate very much the way you make your videos, avoiding to show yourself (as others do) and concentrating on the object, the field, the plants, the method. You act as a good man. I admire what you do and the way you proceed. Your kids can be proud of their father. I am so sorry your wife is not there to be proud of you, too. Perhaps she is the one who inspires now your generosity and enthusiasm. Jorge, from Belgium.

Closer To Home says:

You are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you!


This is it…this is what I needed to see to light the fire under me and get started! Thank You!

boilednuts says:

Very touching and inspirational story Mark. I wish that I could be the man that you are. May the Lord keep watch over you and your boys. Were you raised in NJ?

St. Isidore's Farm says:

Mark, what a tremendously inspirational story. Thank you for sharing this with us, and thank you for the help you have offered to so many through your videos and channel – but especially for our family. God bless!

sandhogssundays says:

Hello Mark from Okinawa, Japan

I am a retired individual without a farming background. After having traveled the mainland for about 35 years, I am back in my beloved island where I was born. Although I live in a city, I was fortunate to be offered a plot of land to maintain and farm for free. About 1200 square meters.

With all that you have to bear on your shoulders, you have been generous enough to share your wealth of knowledge to people like me and you've pointed me in the direction of organic farming.

I love the way you explain the soil food web and take us along with you on your experiments. Thank you very much Sensei. Even across the ocean I can see that you have a big heart.

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