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How Method Keeps Its Soap Factory Eco-Friendly

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Method’s Soapbox is the first LEED platinum certified factory in the industry. The factory creates less waste, uses less energy, and provides better working conditions for its employees than other factories. When you’re bottling 250,000 units of soap every day, these things matter to the planet and the bottom line.

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How Method Keeps Its Soap Factory Eco-Friendly


m'yootoob celery says:

But can it run crysis?

Lucien 3012 says:

What about plastic ? I clearly see a lot of it …

Ameer Bashar says:

1:20 "the GOLD medal" wouldn't it be the platinum medal 😂🐻

SCARlet_DRaKox13 says:

Oh cool liquid soap


DatAviation 340 says:



But dont they use plastic bottles and what about the green house gasses.

Battlemore says:

No, platinum is not the gold medal. Platinum is the platinum medal.

Marlie Ford says:

So I also thought Method was good for the environment. However it seems that some of the chemicals they use is harmful to our waters. EWG offers rating and insight into the chemicals used in all kinds of cleaners. Please take a look. https://www.ewg.org/guides/search?page=1&per_page=15&q=Method&search=Method&type=products&utf8=✓&x=0&y=0

Cry Whit says:

Mrs. Meyers cleans better. Method is a good cleaner in a pinch but I put these two cleaners in a head to head challenge and Mrs. Meyers outperformed Method everytime.

Jordy Angkawidjaja says:

I see plastics bottle

nathanael neo wicaksana says:


Zeeny says:

Method soapbox: we care about our workers.
Other companies: *have left the chat*

tvee says:

I live in Singapore and my sister is a big fan of Method. All her household cleaning products are Method.

Thomas — says:

Eco friendly??? But still using plastic bottles???

Leni Tjahjadi says:

I use their white tea body soap.

I think it would be better if they provide some stations to refill so we don’t have to buy the plastic refill packaging. Its just my opinion how to make it better but overall I love method and their product/factory is a really great effort for the environment ❤️

Rebecca Phillips says:

If only they could make a pump that doesn’t get stuck half the time.

Jose Lopez says:

Does the CEO know that Wind Turbines cause cancer?!?!?

Tee Han Ming says:

Certified: 40-49
Silver: 50-59
Gold: 60-79
Platinum: 80+

Andddd Platinum is the gold medal, are you serious Insider?

Humboldt Rootz says:

But they have one of the most toxic rivers in the world.

-ˏˋ mayaaa ˎˊ- says:

the bottles look like magic potions 🧪

you hit your autistic sister and she said says:

Um.. thanks for the recommendation, Youtube…

FlamingCrystal Alchemist says:

Need to help the black lation community in Chicago

javier castaneda says:

These products are amazing and smell great too.

Michael Malloy says:

It’s artificially colored chemicals in plastic bottles. So why on earth is this a good company?

Chuck Johnson says:

What is eco-friendly about millions of plastic bottles?

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