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How I Grow Vitamin B12 in My Garden & More Organic Gardening Q&A

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you how he is growing Vitamin B12 in his garden and answers other organic gardening questions so you can learn more about organic and biologic gardening.

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well:

01:25 Is limestone the same as rock dust? What do you recommend for Soil for a Box? Where Can I get Rock Dust near me?
03:27 Can you do a video on growing Organic in the South East USA? Do You Have any Tips on Growing in the SouthEast USA?
06:58 Am I growing Swiss Chard or something else? Mine is not Purple?
08:20 I get blossom end rot. Can I use powdered milk instead of liquid milk?
09:32 How do I remove the plastic weed liner in the best way? Is there anything I can put on it to break it down?
13:45 How can I raise Iron Levels in my diet?
16:47 Do you Sell Ashitaba Seeds?
17:54 Which of these two soil mixes should I purchase at my local nursery for my whole garden?
20:38 How Do you Get your B12? Where Does it Come From? Where Would We Get it?

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Natalie Sen ND Naturopath says:

Brilliant, someone who knows what he's talking about in the raw food world regarding b12, great video- your a natural green finger!

Mary Waller says:

I used to garden in GA. My best defense was inter planting with herbs esp all the mints especially chocolate mint and had invasions of mints but few bugs. Companion planting is pretty helpful with many flowers

Yvonne Green says:

John : You're an inspiration to this Planet :)

Regina Andelt says:

You put cardboard in the bottom and put the wood chips and good soil at list the root's it's not going to touch the soil that contaminated .

AllSectorsHearThis says:

It's not just spirulina all food sources of B12 also have analogues. There are B12 test that use bacteria asseys which will only respond to human availible B12 to insure no false high B12 results for analogs . Get your doctor to enquire which assay their lab uses. If you buy spirulina some will guarantee their B12 results are for human available B12 only.

Daniel Pan says:

How about fermented vegetable for B 12 instead of taking supplements?

CaptTurbo says:

Wouldn't consuming moringa take care of B-12 worries?

gp van eron says:

insects are an issue in southeast. for loopers , unfortunately can be difficult with out BT spray which is considered "organic" although still prefer to use the most minimal possible. for aphids infestation nothing does the trick like lady bugs. In order to not waste or introduce too many into the system i build a dome over the infested plants and keep the interior moist. The ladybugs will decimate the population if kept on the plants. Obviously rich soil and nutrients, strong roots = resilient plants. for powdery mildew the "onyx" spray works well. my goal is to focus on attracting more beneficial insects / bacteria and birds to the garden.

Hits4 views says:

BEER, beer is rich in B12.

Nancy Bush says:

The B12 in the water is great to know for me because my water source is a spring & we don't put anything else in it……just pure water….



Sharona Goren says:

I love your explanations! I am also a vegan and a veganic gardener, only in a northern zone and I am following your channel, very interesting!

Ethan Blevins says:

Damn, the pedigree commercial was good. They have master advertisers on staff no doubt.

Emily BH says:

Can you use diatomaceous earth (or clam shell dust) instead of rock dust? I'm in a state where nobody has rock dust.

Christopher Wanjek says:

Glad you're doing the B12 supplement; I was wondering what you were doing myself. There are many non-animal sources today, created with modern means. Historically, non-animal sources have never been an adequate source of B12, which is why no human civilization has survived without some kind of animal product, be it the occasional egg or milk or flesh. If you manage to find a way to get B12 into your raw foods "naturally," that would be huge.

Mabamovies says:


Peggyann Smith says:

I bought a seed package of Marigolds once. I planted the seeds and Cherry tomatoes grew, no marigolds.

Treva Barnes says:

Thanks so much for answering my questions John! I have been to Southern States, but I don't think they had the azomite dust. I'll go back again and ask them to order it. :-)

derrik tie says:

3 forms of b12 very intelligent and great idea John, especially the methy form that is highly absorbable………

Gage Wray says:

You look like Cody from the Wranglerstar channel.

Twowheeler 1 says:

Seed slanging? Heavens ya! Its about time. Thank you for making seeds from your garden available to us big J!

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