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Hobbit style eco friendly house built from scratch for just £150

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This is the amazing Hobbit-style house an eco-friendly farmer built from scratch for just £150.

Resourceful Michael Buck created the “cob” home at the bottom of his garden using an ancient building technique.

He now lets it out to a woman who works on a neighbouring dairy farm.

And in keeping with his green philosophy he lets her pay her rent in MILK.

Cob houses — made of earth, clay and straw — date back to prehistoric times.

Ex-art teacher Michael, a smallholder near Oxford, used only natural or recycled materials… and not a single power tool.

The floorboards were rescued from a skip and the windows came from an old lorry windscreen.

Dad-of-three Michael also carried huge bundles of reeds on his back to avoid leaving a carbon footprint and taught himself how to thatch.

Although it has no electricity the mushroom-shaped cottage has running water from a nearby spring and walls painted with chalk and plant resin.

It has a kitchen, dining area and bunk bed.

Heat comes from a wood-burning stove and thanks to the cob walls the house is surprisingly well-insulated.

A shallow well acts as a fridge and there’s also an outhouse with a composting loo.

Michael, who spent two years on the house, said he was a bit disappointed because it was meant to cost NOTHING.

He added: “With proper maintenance it could last forever, but it would also naturally return to the earth if left alone.”


laila khelouda says:

i would love to live in a place like this beautiful
any chance you have another to rent 

Doru Dascal says:

lool only 150 gbp :)))) this i do not think so :)))) how hi lived 2 years
? how hi transport thinks? how hi cut it ? who helped him? ? ? far
as i know food is not for freee and the scrap is not in the middle of the
forest !!! when u are doing something far as i know u need to add all
costs to build a Unit cost!!!

ooonurse33 says:

Excellent….we all should do this

Now how long before the Government stomps it out?

akaski777 says:

Anybody could build one of these , but in reality you need to have TIME ,
LAND TO BUILD IT ON , PLANNING PERMISSION. and countless other red tape not

omeander says:

One does not need the magical insight of Gandalf to see that Mother Earth,
the World and we need more Hobby Hobbits not Haute Couture Hobos…

Lisa Moriarty says:

this looks like fun to build…i want to try .

lmturmenne says:

This is a beautiful design. Very lovely house. Hope it lasts a life-time.
I’d love to make one just for the fun of it, but… authorities frown on
unauthorized buildings going up without permits, etc. Even if it is on
your own land…. on even if it’s meant to be a garden design. They don’t
look the other way.

TsarinaMajticka says:
nictheartist says:

I would love to live in that, but not quite as far in the sticks. Why can’t
they build and sell/let out properties like this for cheap to people on a

jim kidman says:

Cool want you

michelle woolford says:
jim kidman says:

Cool want you

janice Dewdney says:

i subscribed to you..il see if you have any other

janice Dewdney says:

Anon you have made my day..I have just asked a friend , an Ani=on friend if
he will help promote earthship buildings as i have groups all over that are
doing nothing but they have all the making and structure for a new
life..Then i made somee videos and you are on beside me..<3

Afzal Cassim says:
loindevant says:

Hobbit style eco friendly house built from scratch for just £150

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