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High Density Organic Gardening – Part 1

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A view of my 2nd and 3rd raised bed garden, the progress, and challenges that come with learning how to garden.


Amy C says:

Enjoying your gardening video's! Impressive set up

Liberty Garden says:

Nice video Sam,  Does the Asian pear require a pollinator? What variety is it?


The Wannabe Homesteader says:

Wow! This is pretty amazing! I love the idea of high density gardening. Your place looks great. Are those miniature fruit trees? Did you graft them or just buy them "pre-made" so they produce a variety of fruits on one tree?

Sam Prep says:

My back yard faces south. My original garden faces south and east for the most part. 2nd bed faces north but still gets lots of sun. My 3rd bed faces west. It all seems to be working well since my backyard gets about 8 hours of sun each day (in the summer, not so much the rest of the year).

Sam Prep says:

I hope so too. Can't wait to see it.

Sam Prep says:

I've been lucky and had no issues. Every day I see dozens of bees out there. I'm only a bock away from a large wooded area and my neighbors all have lots of flowers in their yard. I think that's helping me out.

MrAbrownfield says:

i love the dog cable idea, have you had to hand polinate your squash, i have .not enough bees i guess.

The Productive Garden says:

Things are looking great Sam. I love the espalier pair.

theHighDesertPioneer says:

God willing next year our garden will look as impressive.


Hi Sam, I'd love to know what orientation your raised garden is to the sun. I have a similar back yard privacy fence set up as you. Mine faces west.

Thagirion9 says:

Looks great. Lots of fruits.

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