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Growing Veggies indoors. 2 Liter Bio-Dome Organic Gardening

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Im really interrested in some feedback if anyone tries this. Let me know if I didnt cover something and you have a question. I will post an update on the broccoli after it comes up a bit. 🙂


Rick X says:

Hi, Cool creative idea… Some concerns though…. PLASTIC bottles, when
exposed to heat (when you put it in the sun) leech out into the soil & get
absorbed by the plant and we’re slowly adding more poisons into our
bodies… ALSO please consider NON GMO & organic seeds/plants… GMO
“franenfoods” are NOT safe & although our gov’t is ALLOWING it … do your
own research (NOT GOVT studies & NOT Monsanto studies) & you’ll see the
implications are terrible… genetically modifying food is NOT NATURAL. and
You’ll see… find out yourself if you REALLY care about being healthy.
Good luck everybody… YES planting our own foods, (as modestly as we can)
is definitely a step in the right direction…

Emmanuelle Lamothe says:

Hi father daughter today my daughter and myself we done the peas with 2-
littler bottles for science project counting the dates for the first branch
to appear.

bertha yellowfinch says:

A good idea. Thank you for the video.

Jennifer Kim says:

@Bobbi Jo Plumb: I really like this idea. I home school my daughter and we
are starting to get into gardening. This would be perfect for her! I do
have one question. My mother in law wasn’t too happy to hear about me
planting veggies indoors. Said it would cause gnats and bugs to come
indoors. So thinking about doing some aquaponic plants. ****Question for
you**** Would this bio-dome garden cause bugs, have you ever run into this

DanLujan says:

Would it be possible for you to do a topless video?


michael charbonneau says:

Can you keep it in the bottle? Or do you have to transplant them?

StealthyMonk says:

Delicious looking ‘Bio-Domes’. :D

fhfh says:

how are you , If anyone else wants to grow all your own tasty fresh
vegetables simply it’s worth trying – Banfan Incredible Organic Miracle (do
a search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it from my
colleague – great! 

latocki11 says:

I wonder if the wicks would draw up more water into my soda bottle
hydroponic system further up into the soil. I’m not sure as right now, the
soil itself draws moisteure all the way up to the surface of the soil,
which is my way to monitor if the plants are dry or not. I’m going to try
adding a wick to some of my bottles and just see if it makes a difference.
My system can be viewed at do-it-yourself-hydroponics.moderngrower. com. I
liked your video and look forward to trying it!

Trace Hillman says:

very cute video.. can’t wait to try.

lastdollarfilms says:

You do not need nearly that much string. About a foot of it would be
enough. The string pulls the water up to the soil and the soil then sucks
it up. Also the newspaper is going to desolve very fast. I’d use a coffee

ShelleyNicholasMusic says:

Thanks for showing us this! Great idea.

Shereda Pannell says:


epicalex91 says:

oh i’ts cool i’m a man so i can do that myself

mikertones says:


tony leonard says:

Sorry dud I posted in the wrong box… but you knew that didn’t you… lol!

ElHasZardo says:

“air” plants can drown

bryanp311 says:

Great video!!! I would still prob. mess it up though…. lol!! I do not
have a green thumb… Mine is more like a yellow thumb… You know, like a
dead plant!!!! Hahaha!! I could use your help making videos! My sister and
I made 3 videos of me just playing the guitar, I never talked though……

Nicole Alessi says:

Awesome idea!!! Thanks

SimplePsiBin says:

Great stuff , Im gonna try this.

brycejcox says:

damn.. you sure know how to show your good side to the camera.

lastdollarfilms says:

Yes and no. The seeds might germinate but the planter is much to small for
a plant that size

tony leonard says:

Great videos… I love the conure video. It seems the camera really likes
you and I could see you doing a segment on a morning talk show or your own
local cable show! Keep up the great work. Thanks TL

Bobbi Jo Plumb says:

I know I said I was going to get a update video up soon. I have been sick
and have had kids home from school sick. I am hoping come end of this week
I will be feeling better and get things done. 🙂 Hope everyone is staying
healthy and well.

MyloBarker says:

nice boobs bitch

MrKeithStone says:

Your cute, and you have a girlfriend AWESOME! J/k I saw the wedding ring,
Good video though.

Naomi Enriquez says:

This is fantastic, thank you!! What is your facebook page??

Bobbi Jo Plumb says:

@madeofyucca I guess the plant makes enough oxygen for itself??? I dont
know all the since behind it but it does work. These black eyed peas are
getting ready to be planted outdoors this weekend. 🙂

MsRhcp4ever says:

i appreciate this video and and just to brag a little …some women know
how to use power tools. i have replaced the sub-floor in my house…all by
my little ‘ole self 🙂 girlpower 🙂

2Cheap4society says:

Shes a Hottie!

Todd Haggard says:

This is the breast video ever you make my cucumber hard as hell your
husband is a very lucky man

NC_SaltLife_Detectorgirl says:

Likes the word “whatever”.

Shurupadi says:

Well how big will the cannabis get ? Or this is just the starter plants ?
Ok every seed bearing plant in the pop bottle with love !! LoL

NC_SaltLife_Detectorgirl says:

Does anyone here know some really good seed on a dime starting videos?

filthybarz says:

get ya puppys out arrrrrr

Abel Elizondo says:

U look pretty

Todd Haggard says:

Oh my god they are beautiful

jihadacadien says:

@hotfordmomma Cool can’t wait to see the results, don’t forget the jammies

NC_SaltLife_Detectorgirl says:

This is a very good idea. I will try it out tomorrow.

Firstkj Lasthj says:

I use this same concept for winter sowing. Since I started winter sowing I
have a larger crop that lasts longer with less work. I use one bottle poke
holes in the bottom for drainage and top for air, add soil and seeds, water
once and place them outside in Feb/March. Once it gets “warmer” out and the
seeds sprout I start to open them up during the day and check for watering.
Once its warm enough I plant them in the garden. Maybe I’ll use the tops in
the garden like you suggest at the end.

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