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Grow Your Own Living Produce Aisle and Save Thousands of Dollars!

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There is nothing better tasting than fresh produce, and nothing
healthier too! The one problem with fresh produce is that it is highly
perishable and this makes it expensive in the stores, especially if it
is organic produce! By growing a garden you can save thousands off food
bills and use that for fun money or savings. You can cut your food bill
in half, and by preserving the produce in the freezer or by canning you
can even extend those savings longer. It is a great way to eat healthy
and feed a big family on a budget. It is truly one of the smartest
investments worth making!
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WHB JR says:

Do you have to change what you grow each year( for nutrient purposes)?

WHB JR says:

I can't believe you didn't show the finished food?!😑

TheGod Ofwar says:

That's what I'm talkin about.

shutup shit head says:

Ok but where do you grow your pizza?

spacegreens says:

The first batch of kale you picked in the video: What is the plant around the kale and is it protecting the kale?

katwillny says:

What size is your planting area? Looks great

LJ Deacon says:

So proud of you two! Your wife sure has a keeper!

Myrna Tonerteg says:

Love it…thanks for the video…😊😊

LIeb Lee says:


Aswathy Arun says:

Wow….beautiful vegees garden

Hriiyizhuo Siikruna says:

If I were there where you belong.. I hope I could do better.. I mean in positive sense..

3babies 1arm says:

Yum! Amazing! This is my goal! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Victoria's Garden & Produce says:

What’s wrong To all the people that clicked thumbs down? What they’re doing here This is more than amazing. Am a gardener myself but I am still impressed!!!

Summer Robinson says:

Cindy looks so beautiful holding your little girl!

Raskenson Foyle says:

I'm all the way from St Vincent an in so inspired

Raskenson Foyle says:

Love your garden so awesome

neth orravan says:

Ilove gardening …those tomatoes yummmmy

N Campos says:

i Love you too

Coffee Lover says:

These are all i need for a healthy lifestyle. Yummy and crunchy salad..

Bethestolas Barrientos says:

wooow very nice

regina maria says:

SUPER πŸ‘πŸ‘

Valerie Truett says:

Tomatoes squash cakes and strawberries.

Stacey Here we grow again says:

I love to do this!! I am growing my garden bigger every year it seems! So much better than the grocery store and I get such great satisfaction picking my own veggies and herbs. Can't wait for my tomatoes to ripen and more cucumbers to come on mine! I grow blueberries too and blackberries and boy they have been so good. They are both a few years old already.

Srivani Angelika says:

Ur wife so beautiful 😍😍😁😁I can't see ur cute adorable baby

MarkThisWayAfter says:

You react like this is the first time ever lookin at your own garden haha i like the passion!

LauraBeeDannon says:

That is my dream..go to the backyard for lunch. My cherry tomatoes are in and I snack on them when I water so far. Got a zucchini to pick tomorrow. Yum.

LauraBeeDannon says:

Love fiskars.

AB N says:

I love you garden πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Katia LaManna says:


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