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GREEN LIVING SHOW & EATING BUGS + Eco-friendly Living in Toronto 2018

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We got a hold of some free tickets to the Green Living Show at the Toronto Convention Center and thought it would be great for all of us to go together! We sample our way through the many stalls, trying loads of healthy snacks, learning about eco-friendly products and pumping up of all the kombucha we could handle. We got to try some delicious bug sauce, (yeah, that’s right!) and picked up some great ideas for our new off-grid lifestyle!

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How can you get some awesome bug sauce?
Check out One Hop Kitchen here… http://onehopkitchen.com/

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Thank you for watching! Safe Travels!
-Heather & Curtis

Video Location: Toronto Convention Center, Ontario
Year: 2018
Gear: Canon G7x, Canon T6i, VideoMicro Compact Rode Mic with muff

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Dakota and Family says:

Great video green living

Touring Tastebuds says:

Very cool guys, I bet that was interesting to go and see!

Senja Aldee says:

I can nottt wat bugs.. nice video… hahaha cocroaches and your face hahahahhaha

Rachel and Nick says:

Omg I don't think I can ever eat bugs 😱😆

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