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Green Living Guide to Save Money

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Check out the Guide: https://goo.gl/aOxasu .
Green Living Guide to Save Money!
Imagine following an easy to understand guide and applying energy-saving tactics to your house, to your car, to your garden and to your life. Imagine never having to worry about being wasteful with energy or money ever again.

Think, not only of the positive impact you will be making on the environment, but also of the thousands of dollars that you can save every year.

What do you plan to do with all that extra cash? Take a vacation? Make improvements to your home? Buy a new eco-friendly car?

You will have many choices!

Check out the E-book: https://goo.gl/aOxasu

and GET IT for just 20 bucks!!!

Go green, Save green at the same time!
125 Ways To Save Money … and Still Be Green!
Here are some examples of what you will learn inside, Go Green – Save Green:
The best way to help overcome tire rolling resistance
Why parking the right way can save you 25% better fuel economy
How to improve your fuel consumption just by rummaging around in the trunk
How much poor wheel alignment can cost you
And that’s just your car!

You will also learn how to Go Green – Save Green for:
Your kitchen
Your garden
Your washing machine
Your dishwasher
And much more
There’s a million places where you can make small changes and reap huge benefits.
Do you know them all?
You will know How to save
One ton of carbon each year by boiling water properly
Up to $2000 per year in health cost and still help the environment
15% of your household’s water consumption with a simple device that cost next to nothing
10% in energy cost drying your clothes by throwing in one item in every load of clothes you dry
an additional 5% off your electrical bill each year at a flick of a switch, not what you would think

How to save
3,000 gallons of water saved each year without getting out of the shower sooner
Your water usage by adding one little item to your soil while growing better looking plants
Your computer energy needs by 20% by knowing which computer to buy
Several hundred dollars per year in fuel by doing one simple thing before starting your car
About 175 pounds of paper yearly with simple and free methods
Up to 80% in fuel cost knowing which foods to buy

Are you ready to put extra money in your pocket and leave your grandchildren with a brighter future?
Check out the Ebook!!

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