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Green Living Challenge

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Join us for a sustainable living challenge for the month of September, 2018. There are three choices for the challenge. 1) Be vegetarian, so you’d give up meat and fish for the entire month. 2) Be a green ambassador meaning you post one sustainability-related post on your own social media every day for the entire month of September 3) Go plastic-free. This really boils down do giving up “single-use” plastics like grocery bags, plastic cups, stirrers, and utensils, as well as white neoprene to-go food containers for the month. Please join us and comment below about your progress!!


Rachel Chan says:

My plastic free challenge is going well. Haven't used any plastic except for some plastic Ziploc bags during lunch.

Anthony Stingley says:

Hello Professor Schwartz,
For my "Sustainable Living Challenge", I have opted to "go plastic free". This particular challenge made me think about how much plastic is used in my 2 person household. I thought about how many bottles of fruit and vegetable juices we drink, that are packaged in plastic bottles. Just that alone is pretty staggering!! Especially when I think about the fact that I live in a relatively large apartment complex and although we do our best to be a.green community, we collectively are definitely contributing negatively to the mass environmental waste. So wish me luck!!! Its day 11(I started a little late) and at first it was really hard , but now that I am more and more conscious day by day, I feel like my household is going to do well.

Geremy Lowe says:

So I decided to switch my challenge to No Plastic. I actually found it more difficult to do the posting. I thought I could post everyday, but between working full time and 21units I'm rarely on social media. I started the No Plastic challenge 2 days ago. It is actually pretty good so far. When I go grocery shopping I make sure I have my reusable bags with me, so I wouldn't have to ask for bags. I will update again by next week. #GreenLivingChallenge

Nica Estrella says:

13 days of Posting to Instagram @BotanicaNica of Conservation/Plastic Free/&General Earth Saving knowledge. The one thing I think I can already feel diffrent is I have more hope. I tend to have a pretty dark view but sharing conservation posts help me see that there are folx making changes
and there are so many ways each of us can truly do this.

Elisa Ding says:

No single-use plastic challenge is so far going okay. But yes, it's hard. Yesterday I went to natural grocery store, and I didn't find the paper bags. My family told me that I can use those bags made by corn. Really?! They look like plastic ones, though. It says "PLEASE COMPOST THIS BAG". I will take a photo of it to send it to Professor. Hope they are environment friendly ones!

Michelle May says:

Just wanted to check in. Everything is going well, I would like some extra outlets of environmentally friendly ways of living or sustainable living if anyone knows of good sites. What I find interesting is that I get "zero" comments or likes on these posts, so so sad!! I wish sustainable living was trending.

Joshua Blocker says:

Hey everybody I'm working with the non-plastic challenge 😉

Shannan Carpenter says:

This has been one of the toughest couple of weeks!!! I thought that giving up meat would be easy, but it has been tough. I also have cheated a couple times!! I'm sorry I am a sucker for chicken wings!!!!! It has been challenging going out to eat with friends and having to find alternatives. The good thing is that there are a lot of alternatives now. But I always get the question, "Why did you give up meat?" or "Oh wow your're a vegetarian now? Why? Then i find myself having to explain. Just wanted to give you an update!!! Its been tough!!

Andy Duong says:

Hello Profr. Schwartz, I'm in your Geography 1 class for Tuesdays and Thursday at 10:30 AM. I've decided to do the plastic free challenge. It's been a couple days since I've started, I've gotten myself a Hydro Flask to replace the plastic bottles at home. Will update you on the challenge. 💪🤧

sampson luu says:

Hello everybody! I'm deciding to go support the no use of plastic! Plastic is almost a daily life for me, buying a drink from a boba store already contains a plastic bag and plastic containers. So this whole month no more boba and any plastic in my sight! Im so excited to see how things will go.

chenyu qi says:

I choose 'SAY NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC' for Green Living Challenge.
Xiaoli Wu

JXProperty Films says:

It's been 11 days since I said no to single-use plastics. It is horrible, I was so used to just having plastic bags to carry around. I remember going to Chipotle and well at least they switched to paper straws. So in a way, it did help but at the same time, I can't get used to the texture of the new straws. I have brought myself a reusable water bottle, instead of the plastic one which we use and then dump away. My life consists of a lot of single-use plastic as I've noticed since I am not allowed to use them. But I'm sure I'll get used to it pretty soon. So my life is slowly adapting to no single-use plastic. I'll update in the next week or 10 days 😀

Tenzin Santapau says:

So after the first couple days I'm struggling. Really failing. I keep forgetting to buy a canteen. I realize I'm buying plastic only after I get home and I need to put it away.😥

Emma Allen says:

Hey there! For this month's challenge, I have chosen to avoid single use plastics. It's day eleven and so far I am finding this challenge… challenging! There are some aspects which are easy, and which I already make an effort to do day to day, such as avoiding plastic utensils, straws, single use bags etc. But, as I am bringing more intentionality to this challenge, I am realizing all of the many overwhelming ways plastic is entrenched in daily life, especially living in the city. For example, today between classes I went to the Laney cafeteria because I hadn't packed a lunch. I consciously avoided utensils and even napkins, and had brought my own water bottle, but the sandwich came pre-packed in a flimsy plastic box, which will be hard to find a purpose for now that I have eaten my sandwich. I am excited about this challenge because it is really increasing my awareness and observance of plastic use, and how hard it is to avoid. I am definitely not at 100%, and the more I get into this challenge, the more I am realizing that plastic culture and consumer culture is all about convenience. Furthermore, the fast-paced, hyper competitive nature of our capitalist economy reinforces waste culture by trapping us in narrative which tell us that time is money and that it is normal to sacrifice the well-being of our planet (and ourselves), so as to be more "efficient," and produce profit. Because I was in such a rush today to get to my classes, and tired from work the night before, I did not prepare my own lunch and instead wasted money and plastic in purchasing premade food that required little to no effort from me in the moment.
Thanks for reading,

Tre Sanders says:

I know I'm a bit late with my choice of challenge but I chose to go plastic free since the beginning of the month. It's been a challenge so far but its challenge I'm up for. It's something different.

Alaa Alsarheed says:

Hello, I am taking a geography class and for our assignment I choose to go plastic free for september!:))

kirabinta says:

Hi Everyone, I am going plastic free this month. So far the toughest part is doing grocery shopping and buying produce. It all comes wrapped in throw away plastic. I'm bringing reusable bags and compostable bags and buying bulk instead of the prepackaged items.

Terri Taplin says:

Hello, I have been doing really with the non-use of single plastic. I become more mindful in this area due to the renewal of information on how harmful it is to our environment. I trying to spread the Good News!! Not using single use plastic helps the effects of Global warming, which leads into another conversation 🙂

lazar nikolic says:

I work at a grocery store, so I have to throw out tons of plastic that the produce gets shipped in. Tons of discarded but unused plastic bags I have to throw out too. I hate it. But as for personal use of single use plastic, it's been pretty easy. Going vegetarian is easy for me as well. Haven't even considered eating meat again!

DaMadQueen says:

Greetings. I'm Jasmine. I have took the "Go Vegan" challenge. It's Day 9 and I'm okay with it. I've went vegan before after my surgery last year, so I have a little experience. The first week wws a bit of a challenge because my hunger was crying out for meat and I had to refrain from eating it. Luckily, my boyfriend keeps reminding me when I automatically grabbed or order something. I subconsciously just grabbed things like chicken and fish, and he takes it out of my hand and tells me nicely to remember. So after the first week, I'm more conditioned to what I buy and eat. Having some healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit help a lot with cravings. I also try to stay busy. My digestion is a lot better as well. I am combining it with regular exercise at my gym. I have a bit of sleep apnea so I hope I lose a bit of weight. I steer clear of commercial restaurants and visit 4 or 5 star places that specialize in vegan dishes. Sweetfingers is an amazing Jamaican restaurant recommended by my dance crew. The Curry Tofu was wonderful! There are other great things to eat with meat.

Geremy Lowe says:

Good Afternoon. This is Geremy Lowe from your Geography 1 Online course. I've chosen to be a Green Ambassador. After watching the videos and doing the readings for this week, it intrigued me. It is important to share our knowledge with the world, locally and globally, and how we all play a part in making sure our planet stays intact for the rest of our lives, and the generations to come.

Tamara Richlin says:

Hello, I am in the online Geography 2 class and I have been going single use plastic free and I also gave up chicken (the only meat I ate). So far I noticed that I had to ask for no top when I got my coffee and had to ask what kind of to go container they had before ordering.

Elisa Ding says:

Hi Everyone,

Our Professor, Dr. Schwartz, confirmed that my understanding was correct. SUPER COOL!!! 🙂 Thus, go ahead to use the things you used many times like computer, tooth paste, cell phone, glasses….

Alyssa Bland says:

Hello everyone, the challenge I started with was the plastic-free challenge and id have to say starting off is pretty difficult. I work at Jamba juice so we use plastic cups and straws to no end. I also work at chipotle where plastic forks and spoons can only be used when we're on break bc of course the metal silverware is for cooking. The first day was the most challenging because I was at work and so everything revolves around plastic cups, straws and so on. It's been the 8th day so far and im beginng to stop more frequently bc it catches my attention. I never realized how much plastic dictates our lives sometimes because it's literally everywhere.

Elisa Ding says:

Hello everyone,

I will switch back to non-single use plastic since I forgot and ate a piece of pork last night. Before I ate that piece of pork, I was hungry all the time. For the classmates who chose the challenge without single-use plastic, let's discuss what one-single use plastics are. I think that single-use plastic simply means those plastic material we can't put into the recycle buckets outside, like the grocery plastic bags, fast food or "to go" food containers, snacks plastic bags, and coffee cups… I think we can continue to use all the plastic things in our lives like the below. These plastic things we can't avoid using them.
1) Computers/Cell phones/Pads. They have plastic parts but we need them for homework at least. For people who have a
job, they need it for work. cell phone charger also have plastic parts.
2) Toothbrush/tooth paste As far as I can think of, all the toothbrushes/tooth paste have plastic parts including
electronic one
3) Glasses I'm near-sighted, i noticed all my glasses have plastic legs.
It's hard not to brush the teeth for one month.. or don't do the homework for one month… If I don't wear my glasses, I can't go out at all… Anyway, I'm writing to professor about this, will keep you posted…. As we can tell our professor really loves our earth, I believe that the goal of this assignment is to educate students limit our daily activities to hurt our environment/or our earth , to train us to have GREEN awareness in our mind all the time but not to give us the big inconveniences. What do you think?

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