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Green Detailing Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash SystemChemical Guys

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Eco Detailing Pod- Battery Powered Complete Mobile Detailing Unit

Eco friendly and waterless detailing and car wash products are here! Going Green requires considering the best options to make your detailing easier while being a more efficient, effective and profitable environmentally friendly company. Going “green” requires change!

Eco Detailing Pod-Waterless Eco Friendly MOBILE DETAILING UNIT. The first SMART, mobile detailing choice.

The Eco Detailing Pod enables you to detail anywhere, anytime without wasting time, money or water! It is cordless, limitless and completely mobile detailing system with (ZERO NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT) all self contained in an easy to move about unit.

Looking to take your detailing business GREEN?
EDP-Eco Detailing Pod combined with EcoSMART Waterless detailing product you can detail anywhere and anytime without wasting water or wasting time!
Sick and tired of being hassled for wasting water or water runoff?
The Eco Detailing Pod can help. Powered by Eco-Smart Waterless Detailing Solution it is the first product to clean, shine and protect without the use of water!
The ultimate GREEN detailing solution is here. Introducing the ALL NEW ECO DETAILING POD! Detail anywhere anytime, inside or outside with the 20+ hour battery – powered Green Solution to Detailing the EDP –Eco Detailing Pod. Check out all the great kits and videos just posted.
The Chemical Guys Eco-Detailing Pod is a Complete Waterless Detailing System that has revolutionized the world of detailing forever. Over a decade of research and development was spent developing a completely new detailing system designed to help you save time, save effort, save money and most important of all, save the environment. Our unique system brings mobility, speed and comfort together to reveal the ultimate system for detailing any vehicle, anytime.
Say good-bye to wasting, time, money and water waste forever – Chemical Guys feels you should be able to detail your boat, plane, motorcycle, or automobile anywhere at any time.

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Dick Johnson says:

You guys should try making a wheel cleaner that actually works!

NickWFerrariF430 says:

Would you recommend this product after the car has just been fully
detailed? instead of normal wash with water?

Felipe Escobar says:

Dear Guys, Where I can buy the machine. Very Thanks!

stuart davey says:

its a unit i am happy to buy. just bought one and can’t wait to test it.
mind you i still get people going it will scratch paintwork yet to me it
won’t as all products are tested on my own car before i detail. £500 aint a
bad price

igotit5000 says:

This looks amazing. I will be starting my business soon and will definitely

Gabzor says:

cool stuff

pkeough816 says:

Does the tank detach so you can rinse it out w/distilled water to clean it?

My Damn Channel says:

I really like this machine, nice video. But what’s wrong with just using a
spray bottle? I run my small mobile wash business out of the trunk of my
2012 Mustang and good old fashion spray bottles work great.

Justin Sowko says:

lol thanks for the demonstration to show that it works

austin goodwin says:

Longest discription ever seen

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