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Going Green – 3D Animation Short Film on Eco Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi from SkillBell

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Concept : This short animated film is a message to achieve a greener planet by stopping pollution. For this purpose we have used Ganesh Chaturdhi, a festival widely celebrated in India, to show the pollution done by the devotees. During this festival, the devotees immerse Idols of Lord Ganesha in fresh water so that they would be blessed with wealth and prosperity. Devotees, instead of buying idols made of clay and biodegradable colours, buy idols made of harmful materials like Plaster of Paris, chemical paints etc. Such idols made of harmful materials are not biodegradable and damage our fresh water resources.

Story: A rat in its hunger steals some food from the festival and hides in one of the Lord Ganesha’s idols. It is eating inside the ear of the idol when it hears lots of splashing sounds in the surroundings. Disturbed, the rat comes out to have a look. To its surprise it is in the middle of a lake also the entire lake is filled with other Ganesha Idols. The Rat is surprised and dismayed to find itself in such a predicament. The distressed rat gets distracted by the sound of an idol falling in to water behind it.

In the mean time, an Eagle is searching for food with its sharp eyes and notices the rat below on the Lord Ganesha’s idol. The eagle dives straight towards the rat and grabs the distracted rat with its legs.

Message : If we ignore the danger of pollution and go against the nature, then it will attack us like the Eagle, which attacked a Rat in this video.

Make Ganesh idols with natural soil and harmless colors.Pledge to protect our mother nature!


Siddhartha Chabukswar says:

This video make sense in some way!Obviously to sensible people! Btw Nicely
animated :)
#ganpatibappamorya #gogreen #ganeshchaturthi #wakeup 

Suhas Gawade says:
SS Channel says:

What programs did u use ? 

Solanki Dhaval says:

SO Goood

lawran J says:

nice video we all can share this to all country to save our future 

sunil chougule says:
divonzir cordeiro says:
sdw261 says:

FCK MOTHER EARTH you morons who buy into this stupid (earth worshiping) B.S
are BEYOND dumb. NASA even says that %90 of the earth’s greenhouse gasses
are caused by its own valcanos which erupt (continuously). We are just pi$$
ants on a hill and will never be able to destroy the earth and to think
that we can is pure arrogance and stupidity.Now im going to go litter and
murder a tree (just to piss you off) and the best part of all? There is
absolutely nothing ANYone can do about it DUMBA$$E$.

aMalaTesta Circolo Arci Trapani says:
eswar j says:

good work

sangeemohan says:

Very good

presy12michael says:

excellent animation..

Sanjay Kumar says:

cool amazing concept

Just Kailash says:

awesome video . . very nice modeling . . texturing. . lighting. . and
animation ..


needs more views

Gurpreet Singh says:

great animation…… good concept………..

nvnkmrdb says:

can you teach me..

Leena Mota says:

good concept

Manju Cool says:


Sanjay Kumar says:

like this if you are 20,303 visitor..


nice effort keep rockinggggggg

Gautam Seth says:

Great Work. Very well conceptualized and executed. All the Best.

Victor Saceanu says:

from how many pollution source there are you found this one? screw you!

CSC Digital Graphics says:

Fantastic animation and story.

Raja Chandra says:

good job…

anil ch says:

Nice Work………..:)

Razi Haroon says:

Sucks to core motheerfucker

Babu Raman says:

u roooooock

sphinxproduction says:

Simple to the point good animation and production!!

kumarswamy k says:

Awesome animation, the background music was nice.

Izza Diadio says:


abhishek96c says:

well presented

manitomer says:

Namaste, beautiful movie….May God bless us and give all of us the courage
to put in every effort to make our planet greener……best wishes and
regards, Manisha

Prakash Raju says:

nice and well animated

Farhad Guli says:

did you made this movie ?

Rob Steer says:

Music reminds me of Tomb Raider II haha, great concept, i like it 😀

omogisalu says:

hmmm is this a usa is comeing to get everone? if so d(‘O’)b we have to stop
them now >_

CSC Digital Graphics says:

beautiful animation

skillbell says:

Thanks to every one 🙂

DblC3 says:

interesting parable.

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