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“Go for Green Living” needs our help! | AldermanFarms

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“Go for Green Living” needs our help! | AldermanFarms
GFGL PayPal: http://www.paypal.me/KristaU
(UNCHECK the “Paying for Goods” option to send money w/out fees!)
Send paper checks or cards and letters to:
Go for Green Living
127 Lovvorn Herren Dr
Wedowee, AL 36278
(addressed shared by permission)

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Alderman Farms says:

Daniel & Krista's PayPal Link: http://www.paypal.me/KristaU
(UNCHECK the "Paying for Goods" option to send money w/out fees!)

Donna S says:

Ooops on the uncheck the box.    Different page setup when you go through that .me link.  sorry.

Lourie Family Homestead says:

Is there a PO box to send a check direct to them. We cannot send much, so I would like them to get all the money with-out fee's. This is the community and we all help each other in times of need. Thank you:)

Homesteading The Pioneer Way says:

It ripped last year also, they need the toff tex pannels like Doug and Stacy have on there greenhouse, lowes has it

Wanda MG says:

Tommy, thanks for the heads up. Happy to help.

Beverly Oregon says:

…..just saw this……(I turn off all electrical at nighttime…)….I'm on my way over to Paypal …

Homestead Moma says:

I love how real you are Tommy! Thank God for good friends like you. 🙂

grandmaonaroll says:

Just sent a donation via PayPal. Besides the greenhouse, there are special needs for their daughter so they definitely need help. Thanks for letting us know the link so we can help. Bless you & them

Faye Cartwright says:

I have been having computer problems but it worked great tonight. Thankful to be able to help.

Julie Hasselberger says:

You are awesome for reaching out on their behalf! I hope they raise enough money to replenish enough to get started again. Many blessings….

Kelly Hale says:

Done, do you know if they need seeds?

Kellie p-b says:

need paypal address in comment section please

Roxana Panaro says:

sent in something​ to help out. hope they can regroup and salvage something.

amandas garden says:

Well said Tommy well said..this little community has grown to be a family..and family is first!! Bless yall and have a good night…=)

Susan Sullivan says:

We were gonna do an auction

Susan Sullivan says:

Have you talked to Jason?

Stacy Taylor says:

1st comment

Southern Ark Homestead says:

I'm using the "send to friend" thru PayPal. That way PayPal doesn't take fees.

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