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Tenisia Watson says:

The interesting fact I’ve learned is that it takes 2700 L of water to make
one T-shirt … That’s just wow.

Anastazia Won says:

Inspiring thing you said !
Unfortunately in my country, Ukraine we do not have one yet.. Maybe I can
start this ? ;~>

Jeniffer Galvan says:

Most people in Houston seem to donate their clothes. Thrift shopping seems
to be popular here as well, I always find new items with the tags still on
the clothes!

Thank you for informing your viewers about it! That’s really beautiful to
be helping our earth.
That Australian website is awesome though! It’s hard to go ebay or etsy to
buy clothes especially in your size. I hope a website like that gets posted
here too. Shipping would be a lot cheaper! 

Wengie says:

OMG!! 3 new wardrobes to give away!! + This video is going to change the
way you look at your closet seriously !! It did for me!

marie helado says:

so great idea!! bad that im in spain u”

Allison Andrew says:

Style Alley sounds like an awesome idea! I wish something like that
existed in the U.S. For a long time I’ve been buying a lot of my wardrobe
from thrift shops/resale shops/garage sales etc. (Although I do splurge on
the occasional new item). When I’m sick of it or it doesn’t fit anymore,
but is still usable, I either sell it on eBay or donate it to a thrift shop
(like Goodwill). I love the idea of clothes swapping, but I don’t know
anyone who is my size who shares my style. One site I’ve heared about very
recently which sounds very appealing to me is letote.com? Basically you
can “rent” clothes and jewelry, hang on to them as long as you want, then
return them, and if you really like the item and want to buy it, you can
buy it at a discount (since it’s used).

森茶ガール Mori Tea Girl says:

Thank you for making this video Wengie!! Being Eco-friendly is amazing!! 

Carmela Terrado says:

I heard a lot of things about this there are also clothes for office and
stuff. though I may also do this kind of thing even though we don’t have
this in our country I will also try to encourage some of my friends!

Octowa K says:

That is really fantastic that some people think about the Earth.

JForDream says:

You look kinda different…?

hallyoop says:


grant123 says:

Love you!! (1.)

Nicole Starchevsky says:

love u 2nd

Phulu Cio says:

im in Australia but im so confuse about that i clicked the link and take me
to the page but when i try putting the email it didnt work 

Ilina Georgieva says:

Many high street retailers market organic clothing ranges that contain
chemicals from the dyeing to bleaching process, which is inconsistent with
the idea of organic clothing.

Elmer Orlando says:

Totally agree with you! Also Thrift Stores works really well to buy pre-own
clothes who might look really good on you and without spending lots of
money. Nice video Wengie! Greetings from Central America.

Fiona Owletuck says:

I get most of my clothes from thrift shops/stores ;D

c.liu says:

I love your top : )

Cindy Lee says:

I love you wengie

Michelle Vu says:

i love this style so much , but i’m from Viet Nam 

Lea Jumao-as says:

Thank you wengie it helps me alot 🙂 !

maysen mhamdi says:

oh my good this gonna change my life 😮 i can’t belive it 😮 oh my good :'(

Yoyo Fung says:

Haha I’ll check out style alley 🙂 lucky I’m from Australia 

PlushyBites says:


CuteYuffie says:

If I grew out of my clothes or just changed my style, my family and I would
send these to my relatives in the Philippines. They seem to be happy about
it :)

Rennie Ling says:

Your face has gone so skinny compared to your first few videos!! Have you
gone on a diet ?

vila chea says:

Wengie, did anyone win the last giveaway yet.?

123selena2 says:

Whoa, I didn’t know that much water is used to make one T-shirt! :o

Priscila Vargas Pacheco says:

Omg giveaway Unfortunately in my country, Peru we do not have one yet it’s
so sad anyway you’re amazing i love your videos xoxo

superbang2pm says:

What lenses are you wearing? :)

Cindy Lee says:

A giveaway I’m in

Claire, The Aware Beauty says:

I’m so glad you are bringing attention to this issue! 

HoneyBB says:

That is sooo me like i have in some people perspective a lot of clothes but
im sick of my wardrobe and theres nothing wrong with them

Lucy Liu says:

your always so sweet. your also so beautiful on teh outside and INSIDE <3
^___^ your biggest fan - lucy 

Linda Sporreiter says:

I love you sooo much <3

J D says:

Do a natural tutorial or how to accessorise ur hair PLZ

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