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GEAR | Eco-Friendly Toys Worth the Green! $$$

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Can you go green without spending all your green? Lizzy and Cindy investigate. Subscribe to WUM for fun, helpful videos at 9 AM ET! http://bit.ly/sub2moms

Thanks to Cindy Lee, co-founder of Oh Mulberry Bush for stopping by! Check them out here: https://www.instagram.com/ohmulberrybush/

Products Featured:

Tegu Magnetic Blocks $34.99

Eco Kids Eco Dough – 6 colors for $20.99

Green Toys
Cupcakes $19.99

Helicopter $14.52

Hape Wooden Fruit – $14.84

Grimm’s 6 piece Rainbow Stacker $42.95

Honeysticks – $22.99

Hape Scoot Around Bike $49.38

Plan Toys Dollhouse Tote & Go – $80.00

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Audrey Bilby says:

Try modo they are play doh with models on the container

Megan Brogan says:

I got a whatsumoms commercial before a what’supmoms video how nice killing two birds with one stone 🤣lol

Joie Harrolle says:

Lizzy do a day in life

pute pie says:

She is not good we miss broke 😢😢 this r not nice advice all of them r dum and unusual and more expensive the broke was way nice then her

HelpfulTips Channel says:

Never forget connie

Jennifer Trieu says:

1:58 at least it’s better than a Barbie house

Pettra Martin show says:

I come from Thailand

SPRKLFace says:

She looks like Natalies Outlet or is it just me

karamellilikka says:


lama alakl says:

That was my baby brother

MayaDog 1012 says:

4 more days till my B-D

KC Hopper says:

OMG I've been to Oh Mulberry Bush and it's such a cute place. Cindy is so amazing! I hope to see her in more of your future videos! It's so important to see Asian American moms being represented like this. Loveeeee <3

Fudge Balls says:

Thank you for making the show more diverse 🙏🏿

Mia L says:

I get that you want to be eco friendly but the prices are insane!!

Tamaerae says:

This was uploaded on my birthday! 😊

San S says:

Her: and they last forever
Me:*calls guava juice* ROI! You have bin challenged!!

Kate Van says:

Omg That is literally a rip off of Connie!😡😡 I like Lizzy But Connie is better.

Judy Wong says:

Love this new segment! Nice to see an Asian American mom on this show!! Would love to see more of her!

Saman Mubarak says:

This is the first video I watched with Lizzy in it and its reallyyyyyyyyyyy amazing. Love the whatsapp moms staff and members. Keep working hard well done!!!!!

Kirsty Fane Gunhuran says:

I love you guys

JROMAN 26 says:


Montana and Shawna Karaoke says:

Who are all these new moms I love them but I miss Brooke so much when is she coming back if she is at all just asking

Brooklyn Hope says:

Hey guys! I'm considering moving to L.A!

Rathina Balaji says:

can you eat the honey sticks

Jordan TheGirl says:

Do something for bigger kids

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