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From Lawn to FOOD FOREST In 6 Years, Beyond Organic Gardening

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Not your average garden

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AZ Garden Girl says:

WOW!!!!!!! That's amazing! Nice!!!!

Julie jackson says:

What type of wood chips do you use? All we have in my area is ponderosa pine, which seems to kill everything!

Shelita Williams says:

Hey James, I got my wood chips delivered today! I soooooo excited!!!! I'm stilling smiling!


Soo happy to see the fig tree. Gr8 job. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us very exciting

Andy DeWitt says:

I've never seen black raspberries in your garden, or blackberries. There must be a reason:)

Catherine Goser says:

Nice job! But I am curious. Is that a1/3 acre total that includes the older good forest, the newer good forest and the garden? Maybe 30ft X 40ft?

Teresa at Home says:

How about planting a moringa tree? Kiss from Switzerland!!

carol parrish says:

Can you or anyone tell me which is the best fencing to keep out rabbits ? I have a hot wire around my garden and two foot chicken wire outside of it. I am not happy with the chicken wire because it rust and leaves holes in it. My garden is 20'x40'. I am trying to keep the cost down.

go vegan says:

cute to see the doggy in it before and after <33333


Rip xxxtentacion

D Hayden says:

Absolutely lovely, what fig variety is that? Thanks

James Fox says:

James grow a Pindo Palm

Joe Hewitt says:

Yeah, finally we see the fig tree! What variety is it?

naplescajun says:

I'm blown away by the amount of produce you have growing in the one year old food forest! Seeing what y'all have accomplished in a few years is awe inspiring and encouraging to those of us just getting started! Thank you for all you share with us!

Akehia J says:

Do you share or donate any of your harvest?

Jean Chen says:

Happy 4th of July! Thanks for sharing! I enjoy watching your videos and they are so inspiring! I started to build the food forest in my backyard 2 years ago and it is doing better and better. Indeed, it is much less maintenance, much less watering, save lots of money and more abundance. ❤️😇🙏

Curtis Michalek says:

Im about to start my forest here soon put my frist apple tree in last week, I was thinking about using fruit trees that have three different varieties grafted onto one rootstock what do you think about those types of trees? Because i have a small space that iam working with and want to have a lot

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