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Four Acres and Independence – A Self-Sufficient Farmstead

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Take a tour, accompanied by curious sheep and geese, of Mark Cooper’s self-sufficient small farm. Over several years, he transformed a rundown house and hillsides of berry brambles into pasture and gardens where he produces and preserves most of his family’s food. Visit the Goose Grotto in a constructed pond, a heritage fruit tree orchard, logs producing shiitake mushrooms, and a cheap-and-easy container kitchen garden. Mark gives us a closeup view of the solar dehydrator he constructed from salvaged materials – and his tips on food drying. He has husbanded up to fifty animals at a time, including two Tibetan yaks! This farmstead in Rough and Ready, CA lives up to the town’s name ? and is a testament to hard work, wide-ranging construction skills, and love. Episode 168.


peakmoment says:

The most popular Peak Moment show of all time. 

Tuxster3 says:

Humans should only be eating a lot of red meat, if they are in a hurry to
die from heart attack, heart disease, stroke or cancer. Short of that,
humans should eat red meat SPARINGLY, if only to get the B-vitamins and
iron we can’t get from other food sources.

Trust me, heart disease is NOT a pretty sight. :(

John Kantor says:

Enough room to grow all the vegetables and fruit you could possibly need as
a vegan or vegetarian and you slaughter animals?

Claude Rains says:

I’m confused. What peak oil crisis are we dealing with. I been hearing peak
oil for 40 years and each year we find huge deposits. So much do that we
got enough oil and had for 250-300 years.

Now if your goal is to raise prices and make policy that restricts people’s
ability to move around, eat, heat and cool your home then yea we got peak
oil crisis. They need it to raise prices on everything made and shipped.
The ultimate control because oilgas runs an economy.

Think I’m kidding. Growing up we had paper shortage, coffee shortage, water
shortage, sugar shortage. Then they found oil and they stuck it to
everybody for the last 34 years. I think its time we make Wallstreet put up
50% on oil contracts and take delivery, not drive sell it when it enters
the ports to be off loaded, take their profit and do it all over again.
Their doing it on the backs of the middle class and poor. No more of this
putting up 10% crap!

1400deadwood says:

The farmer said he has a problem with slugs – years ago I read where a
farmer stopped this problem by leaving a large/wide pan filled with beer.
The slugs could not resist it and gorged themselves to death with it. A
buddy of mine lived in a farm for a few years and confirmed that beer is
the best solution to remove slugs. Try it – maybe it’ll work!

Sandra Ullah says:

Love and appreciation then you eat the animals—imagine if some aliens
came down, started eating humans but told us to gain solace from the
knowledge that they had graditude for our carcass and though it pained them
they would be eating us, so.. uhm… thanks a lot. People are so
hypocritical–if they want to kill and animal stop trying to pretend that
they care about them—if people really cared, they would be

NoirHammer says:

Why can’t he just wait until Friendly dies of natural causes and then eat
his meat? He can obtain his protein from a variety of sources without
resorting to killing that poor animal. Old age will come. Just be patient,

Heiko Ebbenga says:

Where’s the Farm?

Boobalah Cole says:

your eating your friends???? what the fuck? friends don’t eat friends.

Tina Louise says:

For your mushrooms, I was told to crunch up egg shells and put them all
around the base, snails and slugs hate crawling on them. Cheers Tini

Pa Sander says:

Try this in Eastern Ontario. Winters can be long.

graceygrumble says:

I bet Friendly was delicious!

Latisha Alford says:


LivingNaturallyInTune WithNature says:

Awesome! Impressive!

Jenny Ford says:

You kill your friends??!! Friendly is following you blindly, he trusts you
and you gonna kill him. Well, whatever you call it – ‘gratitude’,
‘friendship’, ‘indescribable feeling when your friend is on the plate’ – it
is nothing but plain cruelty. You are not starving to justify your action,
are you?

Corrine Baker says:

total vibe killer.

Ed noyb says:

I can not believe how many of the comments deny global warming.
These super intelligent idiots deny what 98% of all the scientist on earth
state as fact and choose to believe the propaganda promoted by the
Commercial polluter’s and their paid “(scientist)”. Some of these idiots
quote statistics that are just rumors and choose to ignore or deny the
documented facts coming from hundreds of separate studies.

bhabani mishra says:

i loved it….Mark Cooper you are a real man. even my dream is same as
yours……being in touch with mother nature..

elizabeth barrett says:

DONT EAT YOUR FRIENDS !!! Dude, Just eat the plants !

weewilly2007 says:

To back track and go off-grid so we are no longer dependent on the machines
of mass industry, commerce and banking, yet taking with us all the
trappings and traits we have come to be accustomed to, strikes me as
starting back at square one. What led to all the problems in the first
place? For example the average person consumes about 25 Ibs of meat a month
in the U.S., the average sheep can produce 45 Ibs of meat in 12 months,
this amounts to 1,200 pounds of meat per year for a family of 4, requiring
27 Friendlies to be slaughtered every year. If this sounds like a less than
ideal situation (certainly for the sheep), there are 2 ways that this can
be addressed, one is to eat less meat, the other is to stop naming the farm
animals such names as Friendly. Personally, I would propose both options

Jennifer Lee Harber says:

you don’t have to murder animals for food. grow some vegetables asshole! 

J.M. Lindner says:
Corrine Baker says:


patts katoey says:

What a cool video.

kittensugars says:

Better start adopting this lifestyle, or you will be hungry…..and then
get shot while trying to steal food from someone’s garden.

Brian Peterson says:

Good for them for getting off the grid.
As for every comment I’ve read here, you people, as well as the people who
made this film are way behind and have no idea what you’re talking about
when it comes to the ’cause’ of ‘global warming’..
You’ve been lied to and duped, just like in virtually every other
imaginable way.
..the truth has long since come out, and the endless evidence of that lie,
including all the admissions, are readily available..but the damage is
done..you believed the lie, and will continue steadfastly clinging to it
(as well as doing exactly what you are told to in regards to it) even while
the evidence is right in front of your faces.
It’s beyond sad.
Hook, line, and sinker- every time.

Louise M-D says:


Ed noyb says:

Global warming does not only effect the heating of the earth which causes
the ice caps to melt and ocean to rise but also effects the climate of the
planet including the High altitude jet stream. This shifting of the jet
stream creates climate change. The East coast of U.S. was covered in snow
along with New Oleans and other places in the south being colder and
normally freezing parts of Alaska being warm. We will also have much
stronger Hurricanes and other storms. Deny all you want, but it does not
change the facts.

adwaye says:

Lets have scientists and science take care of climate change etc.

Common people- we dont have enough education to make these claims- one way
or the other. Most americans are scientifically illiterate.

Jack Stines says:

We will never save the planet; we can’t even get along in the comments
section of a web site. Face it, we’re just trying to keep from killing each
other off while we wait for the next extinction event. We don’t need each
other in this modern world and so, life is cheap.

umar luxat says:

Friendly his destine for the freezer :)))

Helen uk says:

can i use plastic storage jars ?

Oswaldo Meneses says:
Xolette says:

Knowledge of how to be self-sufficient was common for our ancestors, but
became lost when grocery stores became commonplace. Our society is
handicapped by how easily we can attain food. A food shortage in America
would definitely cause wide-spread panic. I am in awe of Mark Cooper and
others that have been growing their own food for years. Thank you for the
video and teaching us what you have learned from trial and error!

Louise M-D says:


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