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Final Harvest of Greens From the Indoor Organic Garden

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We are harvesting the final batch of lettuce from the indoor organic garden and taking it down to the soup kitchen to feed hungry mouths. We will be cleaning out the bed to get ready for seed starting!


Andrew McChristian says:

Good for you, appreciate all that you do to help me learn about gardening and the hungry mouths appreciate you too. God bless.

PinkChucky15 says:

That indoor garden did awesome. Looking forward to the planting 🙂

How To Naomi says:

Do you have a website where you sell seeds?

dooloowoohoo says:

You should make the worlds largest salad for dinner.

mcrss26 says:

Please make an update on the old tomato sproutssss

sha whit says:

You guys made my day. Thanks for all  you do for us.  Blessings and don't forget to give the baby a cuddle from me! Blessings.

Josh Hira says:

Hey Luke! I'm curious of what grow lights you use? Loved the video.

LuvCali28 says:

I can't wait until you finally get your backyard garden up and growing. I suppose due to the weather, we haven't seen much of you all.

GreenBeeGardener says:

Great videos! Thanks for sharing and also for making me feel better that we don't have everything started yet either!!!

Georgia Garden Girl says:

I think you are doing a fantastic job with growing and giving your lettuce away!!! Keep up the great job. May I please offer up some constructed criticism. Slow down when you talk. I really enjoy your videos! But when you talk so fast I can not make out what you are saying . I'm from Georgia and we speak slower here. lol Thank you for posting these video! God Bless you!

Funstuff13613 says:

Top bloke! What type of light do you use?

Anthony Munoz says:

I mean The tomato

Anthony Munoz says:

I hope your tomatoes are doing good


Those greens are "so, so superior" to what?

Nomad Wizard says:

Nice thought.
But, not even close to half the tote, and maybe feed 12-15 people.

Buster Brown says:

Feeds the homeless… Thumbs up.
Uses fertilizers? combine with Growing Dome – Good for winter and SHTF scenario.
Hi MIgardener,
It might be illegal for private citizens to possess postal property.

Jordan Johnston says:

MI gardener i am curious if you are able to create a endless terrarium for herbs or small vagtables i would love to see this done

northernpike56 says:

Life is life….you roll with the punches?

Basically Everything says:

Wow this is great just discovered your channel. Amazing!

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