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Fascinating! China lights up skies with eco-friendly fireworks for APEC

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Fireworks explode over lighted trees following the welcome banquet for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing. Environmentally friendly fireworks have been used, they are made by using a cleaner-burning, nitrogen-based fuel that emits less smoke than the older products.

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TruthMust Prevail says:


What I like about China is that they never built their empire on the blood
of the Black people! China are actually saving Africa from the colonizers.

China has the largest army in the world and could easily go around invading
nations and stealing their resources, however China has a very peaceful
code and will never abuse their power.

China has stopped so many nations from being invaded and has even kicked
out the colonizers from Africa to a certain degree! The most amazing thing
is that China has done all this without using violence, imagine if China
did ever unleashed the dragon?

The racist hypocrites makes lies about China invading Tibet when the truth
is that Tibet is a part of China(just look at the map), however we can
clearly see that Iraq is not a part of the US – EVEN A BLIND PERSON CAN SEE

In the mean time everyone please cut and paste the text below in the search

USA Military Training Vs Russian Military Training

Qian Zeng says:

See that America, communist is working, flying like rockets while
capitalism nations are falling like rocks n falling apart like building
being demolished, ridden with trouble n problems, among highest rate of
debts, debts, pollution, drug use, sellers, gang, foreclosures, abandoned
properties, ghetto, scammer, lawsuit, fight, uneducated, unemployment,
troublemaker, prisoner, freeloader, racist, inequality, dependants, unwed
mothers, high tax, pollution, corruption serial killers, shooters, rapers,
child molestors, cop abuses, fees, ticket, fine, jail, war mongor, cruel
animal, criminal n crook etc. .

ElmartoLT says:

I would support chineese domination if it was not communist.

Kalle says:

Obama is probably thinking that they should have a similar setup at home

Simon Johnson says:

Wow China thinking about the environment – I hope that continues!!

ExiledMercVideos says:


Stargazer Nation™ says:

Fascinating! China lights up skies with eco-friendly fireworks for APEC

mijmijrm says:

pfffft! .. the US could do this kind of thing just as well .. but it just
so happens that the US has decided not to put its effort into fireworks.
Instead, the US prefers to put its efforts into killing masses of people,
destroying their nations, and stealing their stuff.

Tommy Ngo says:

Powerful China.

harveybirdmannequin says:

Seems like an unnecessary grand display but it is still nice to watch. I
don’t recall such celebration when other countries host economic trade
If anything when countries like Murica, Canada, and Australia hold G-7/8 or
G-20 meetings, there are no celebrations but only protesters that are
violently suppressed by the police.

unrealsimon93 says:

Pfff it’s pretty but gosh the Chinese care about their “face” too much,
they should care more about the “substance”.
China is suffering from an acute inferiority complex, and desperately
trying to showoff how powerful/modern/rich it is. But there are so many
problems China should address first instead of spending billions trying to
impress the clueless foreigners.
I wouldn’t mind seeing China replacing the US as the next global hegemon as
long as it gets rid of the communism regime (replace it with another
authoritarian government for all I care, I just can’t stand how people
behave under Communism) and its current behavior and return back to what it
once was. A peaceful kingdom that focused on trade rather than military,
valued innovation over imitation, treasured morality more than wealth,
displayed condescension and arrogance but practiced non-interference and

Mwamba Kandimba says:

This is a true show of power! Days of Anglo-Saxons supremacy are over,
watch out for The Dragon and The Bear in the room!! The days ahead will be
fascinating, USA and Europe will collapse earlier than expected! A military
alliance between China, Russia, Iran, Syria and India will mark the end of
the Old World order and the begining of a New World Order!

billybobhobnob101 says:

I think China has been doing so well because their leadership class had
mostly backgrounds as engineers and scientists, I’ve heard that the
upcoming leadership class has mostly backgrounds as economists and lawyers
so pretty soon they will be going backwards.

SrafasFromRS says:

Putin rekt obama again lol.

Raphael Villalobos says:

Wat was not seen after this video everyone got lung cancer due to air
pollution in china lol

caveloc says:

2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony in
Beijing 2.0

xin ge says:


DizzyDish says:

I wonder what eco-friendly fire works means?

Avalanche says:

Such extravagance when a large percentage of the population still live off
less than 0.75c a day.

whichtimesarethese? says:

Not Fascinating. Frightening!!!!!
see the cube?
see the Dragon?

Drwladimirklitschko says:

CIA perverts are messing with Trutmustprevail12 comments

I wish China controlled the whole internet!

Leon612 says:

I did hear Beijing had clear skies for the past few days….because they
forced factories to shut and told the locals to get the heck out.

Scalpking47 says:

lol eco-friendly. Will RT mention how China had to close down 800 factories
and force people to stop using their coal heating just to see blue sky? The
smog will resume as soon as the cameras leave.

Anson Hardie HA HA HAR! says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Artemirr says:

The west work great under a laws, instead eastern system lives off of
persecuting their own people and other nations for everything. 3 rd world
country, just a liar and that old abusive dragon. Now that they disseminate
their seed across the earth they openly do crimes until they are bloated
enough for a time being n the profits they had easily made being unjust,
but then said ot be just. Undermine principles of governance with the same
finances made in other nations and countries. 1970. deregulation of the
markets, the retraction of economy. The racism and attack by using the
standards implemented to undermine the males to ensure a lawful society.
The application of nesting and security. The undermining of the study of
nature. Hmm, who is warring against who. The use of indoctrination to make
an unruly society. These are all acts of war. It almost puts God to shame
and his commandments and proves that killing and might is right. Which is
pretty sad, since that is pretty much eastern teachings. Then people claim
freedom, but freedom advertised yesterday then to today is completely
different. Liberty yesterday was learned backgrounds, math, music. Now
liberty is the freedom of be free form law. Infact its eastern banking
cartels (private) that enjoy encouraging lawless behavior for profit and
exploitation. Rothschild made it a science by stating freedom came with
going against law. It was law that gave freedom and kept people on a
intellectual medium of behavior towards another. Do to the subversion of
male authority, men are seen making and doing crude behavior ot make as
much money as possible. We see the dragon warred against Michael and its
angels. Neither side won. that old serpent was kicked out of heaven and
ruled over earth, during the war Michael was also kicked, which is
equivalent ot Christ. Heaven, the vast space above you cries and echoe as
it is teaming with life. that old serpent being removed form its first
place, seeks ot destroy that which was made of the earth here, or at least
make its subjected person , by advertising all sots of lies. Forceful
reptve indoctrintiation and belief, lies perpetrated against all. XI
empire, came about from lies. Knowledge that is contained was from the
reward of war. Which is the destruction and stealing form another. The
Private Cartel exploited the people for the benfit of knowledge and profit
and murdered people. How cunning a sperpent. Now it seems, one needs ot bat
the lawless carnal nature that approaches from all the attack that comes
form the old world. See they want to be you, but they can’t. That seems ot
be the truth right before the eyes. they want everything you can give and
create, but they want nothing from it. Then this would be viewed as racism,
but animals as we are have traits. Its as bad as Media stating what men are
like and how they behave. There are stil remnants left of the gentiles.
What a bunch of bolanga that is. They ddestroy right befor eyour eyes
adwait long enough to see if they can get you with their lies and intent.
Believing that htisis the only way. What a bunch of nonsense. Choas…
violence, war, Trapping minds into a false sense of liberty. Law comes with
a restriction and self control. Lawlessness is of the self and interest
only. Therefor if we analyze laws we can determine wether they are of self
interest of selfless interest.

Marco CC says:


Yuan Zhou says:

Six years ago at the ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium, Beijing put on one of the
greatest ever fireworks shows for the 2008 Olympic Games. China showed it
could still pull out all the stops at the APEC summit, and produced a
stunning display again – but this time with ‘eco-friendly’ fireworks,
leaving those with a ring-side seat speechless.

fastEAGM says:

china is the greatest country in Asia 

DonMikimax says:

Ceremony overkill? 

Infinitus Cyclus says:

Amazingly spectacular :,D

m michels says:

Why is that these fascist Always trying to display their old culture of
old, yet are working to eradicate any indigenous expression, making this
world a mono-culture of McDonals consumers, tramp stamp bitches and
mush-head electronica geeks!

Fagin says:

Fascinating indeed, only painful to realize the US is getting so much
behind to the world.

Elaine Evans says:

The Chinese sure put on a good show! 

John Trollinger says:

Go straight to 1:08 for the fireworks.

Rares Popa says:

Saw the south park episode of this like 2 hours ago lol

Џон Доу says:

China will grow larger.

JonnyNice says:

Slightly less eco-unfriendly fireworks

Fisk742 says:

dat drum-performance 0o

HEY RAY says:

look magnificent!

Dave Stone says:

Powerfully impressive.

Kelly Xu says:

漂亮吧?beautiful isn’t it?

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