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Fall Organic Garden Tour – How I grow Fruits and Vegetables in the Front and Back Yard

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ takes you on a fall garden tour. In this episode, you will learn how John is growing a large percentage of his fruits and vegetables in his suburban front and back yard organic garden. You will also discover some of the uncommon and unknown crops he is growing and how it has worked for him. Finally you will find out how you can supercharge your plant growth to get yields and grow larger plants than you have ever dreamed.


Micky Marshall says:

Organic foodz make U happy like this guy;) Peace Micky

evelyn rose says:

U always eat but never wash frist…
Hahaha but i like it

tappakeggaday1 says:

Hi John, I have a question for you.. What are the best peppers to grow and
dry out for making homemade taco seasoning?

1mtstewart says:

Great job

Suzie Duran says:

Just wondering if you have a facebook page.

Michael H says:

2:40 magic beans!! LOL
10:20 love your reaction…just golden! I hope your garden thrives and good
luck with your next video installment.

Ronnie Roussell says:

You are a blessing. You lift peoples spirits. Keep it up.

IYAD abedrabbo says:


henryzimmer says:

Good evening from Sweden! =D Wondering about the plant “with yellow
flowers” at 03.37. What is the “Latin” name for it? Thanks and keep up the
good work! Cheers

Xavier Thaikkadan says:

Very Nice video..Thank you for posting. Watch my videos,share and
subscribe too… Thank you

Garden Sheds Devon says:

Hi John! I can’t believe your raised bed seeds grow as huge as that.
Growing such varieties of fruits and vegetables are quite rewarding for a
gardener in the end. It’s a wise idea planting different kinds of crops in
your front or backyard.

cleo ful says:

I’ll marry you for the guava alone! hehe

FlowervineFarm says:

I LOVE seeing your yard in November! It looks so full & good. I’m
desperately trying to get my raised beds in now here in SF. I’m seeing more
people growing edibles in their front yards now here in San Francisco too!
I’ll be taking my garden club (5th & 6th graders) on some field trips go
see them in the Sunset neighborhood. Thanks!

nancy par says:

on your facebook could you list what you grow in certain seasons. Thank you

vicente guerrero says:

i love your videos john, me and my wife finally got a house and want to
start a garden here in southern california. i just wanted to know what is
your opinion on the vegetables for the novice gardener to start out for in
the fall.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:

Please see: watch?v=9v7cg6X8I4E

Sasha Lemay says:

the most uplifting channel in all youtube!!! thank you!

theycallmekeif says:

How much land are you on John??

George Washington says:

Your videos and your garden and your gardening skill and persistence and
love for gardening are truly amazing and inspiring. Thank you for over 700
videos of greatness and all of this that you do. I watch every single one
of your videos and they are all great! You teach so much and you inspire a
lot of people like me. You’re a gardening celebrity on youtube thats for

okraw says:

I would go with the micronized version. $32 is a fair price. Check my
videos for OC Farm Supply, they had Rock Dust in SoCal as well.

Jane Smith says:

Ty! Also visit 99Aquaponics website.

p pfunkschen says:

All I need to do is prune the warm weather plants at the root and the
spinach is harvestable in a month or so and if I cover it with straw, I can
harvest it all winter plus I also have the earliest in spring. This way you
can time stack your crops for more yield 🙂

Jeff Miller says:

Hell yes I enjoyed your videos! Thanks !

FlyGirl7221 says:

Great video John, you are the BEST!! Love ya!

CultureCrossbreed says:

Please tell me you’re vegan so I can deem you my new hero.

Joseph Aguirre says:

Hey John, went online to azomite.com, and got a list of all local vendors
of azomite in whatever state i chose (CA) and then city Riverside. 44lb bag
for 32 dollars. It is micronized. they also have granular but it only comes
in 10lb. Is the 44lb bag a good price?

theycallmekeif says:

where in northeast? In rhode island we’ve still got collards, chard,
arugula, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, daikon, turnips, beets….!!

jo232409 says:

He talks about that in his recent Q&A. John owns an HD camera, but it takes
longer for the footage to be edited and uploaded. You can support him by
volunteering/paying someone to edit his footage.

mike19831115 says:

John, I was under the impression that apple trees are not self pollinating.
you must have 2 trees to get fruits… maybe its not the container thats
the problem? maybe just get another apple tree container…

buddycross1988 says:

Love ur videos john, I’ve watched just about all ur videos lols, check out
my video if u get a chance, thanks

juicysmysoup says:

ah john very poetic part i got out of that shipping strap used to hold path
stones rotated into raised bed as that’s how food’s to be shipped haha, and
really open the walkway’s crack to let in more than grass blade lol. &not
going to cross fingers for ya if there can still be basis to reach for more
than perfect moment to ignore that hee. thanks mercurially for thistle
sprouts concept. along with balm calm flourish. squashes @ stage i’d get
squishy w/esp hulless asp of hunger like cucumber rel

th3400ded says:

Wow you grow some awesome easy to grow, native plants! amaaaaziiig

GeorgiaGrown90 says:

love the vid john!! do you think you could do a vid on how to save the
malabar spinach seeds/how to propagate ?

Mijejo Mijejo says:

I really enjoyed this video. I was amazed at the pepper plant that had
numerous red peppers waiting for harvesting. Do you know the variety name
of that plant?

Joe Feser says:

John do you have stink bugs in your area? They totally destroy pumpkins and
squash in South Carolina.

ka ying moua says:

John I wach your video this time look like you need a biger back yard Thank

Kathy Matlock Wigley says:

Do you support the pumpkins when growing on a trellis? Seems like the
weight would cause the fruit to fall off.

Oz Ants says:

is it me or did u say “i’m going to show you whats growing on” love it!! lol

Quantyfull says:

Wondering how many people eat off your garden? Also… are you a vegan?
(just wondering:p)

MyLithuanianGarden says:

Nice work!

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