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Exploring The 2019 Green Living Show In Toronto

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We had a chance to get media passes and visit the 2019 Green Living Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. There was a lot to see and explore at this show with 100s of exhibitors, games to play, healthy food, and a wide range of business offering everything from organic chocolate to ecotourism travel opportunities.

Here are a few of the Green Living vendors featured in the video:

Tight-Knit Syria: www.tightknitsyria.com
Awoke N’ Aware: www.awokenaware.com
Afida Essential Oils: www.afida.co



Nature Girl says:

Loved every.single.one of those little photo booth cut-outs….especially the wizards beard 💚 …well and the tree one #obviously – great vid. Jillian makes me completely rethink my tree planting project for Arbor Day 😂
Nice job guys!

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