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EcoFabulous Construction – Green Sustainable Eco-Friendly Modular Home in Canada

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The EcoFabulous Home was designed by Kanau Uyeyama Architect Inc. As a firm, we have been researching eco-friendly solutions for many years. In 2008 we put all our knowledge to the test and designed and built the EcoFabulous Home (1000 sq.ft., 400sq.ft. deck) as the Feature Home for the British Columbia Home and Garden Show. There is a living wing (kitchen, dining, sitting) and a bedroom wing (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms). Eco-friendly solutions included such things as 100% recycled paper with zero VOCs for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, cedar deck, siding and spa skirt, and other sustainable woods, CFLs and LEDs, Hydronic heating system with each radiator with its own non-electric thermostat 95% plus efficiency gas fired condensing boiler supplemented with solar panels, integrated home control system. www.prefabuloushomes.ca


Zahra says:

the music from the Sims :3

tomasconleche says:

It would’ve been far more ecofab if it utilized steel or aluminum instead
of wood and recycled jeans for insulation. I’m just sayin……


Gotta love the sims music lol

Russellbeta says:

In the end of the day most don’t build or buy “eco” because it’s
environmentally friendly, they do it because it’s light on the wallet. i.e.
I like taking bath’s but I don’t like spending fortunes on keeping my
living room heated. For a product designed to sell to “average joe’s” I
think the company would be right to take this approach. I mean, who REALLY
want’s a compost toilet for example? I wish they showed a floorplan, imho
that’s the biggest part of a tour like this, pitty.

nimaicupel says:

OMG! isn’t that “The Sims” (PC videogame) (best of all times) construction
mode music??? XD OMG!!!!

pedro magoo says:

Wood is far more eco then steel or concrete…wood grows just like straw
and stores to carbon for the life of the home!

Costa Rica says:

we have created a food secure, beautiful community here in Southern Costa
Rica called Osa Mountain Village with a less expensive option (homes for
under $80K) called Serenity Gardens Eco Village We love living here and
sharing the sustainable model.

tamsindahouse says:

Why would you put a water guzzling bathtub inside an ‘eco’ house? Surely a
shower would suffice – and take up less room.

ScapularSaves says:

What is the total cost to buy this house (including installation, local
permit fees, etc.)?

E Bone says:

how much do they cost ?

puccaforreal says:

Looks so comfortable to live in, and not that hard to built… Was it easy
to built ?

buynanaimo1 says:

Bring a suitcase with a cool Million and by any home you would like! Mike’s
commitment to all client’s To create a successful and positive residential
realestate experience for each of my clients by providing superior,
personalized service through excellent communication, Honesty and
Integrity. I will be at all times, Dedicated & Professional working to
achieve my clients’ highest objectives and to earn their future business
and referrals. Mike McKillican Remax of Nanaimo

john52619 says:

”B&Q’s 22nd Century Home Entry 6 | Installing the Loft POD” Thats the
video title for the video mentioned below, youtube wouldnt let me post the

john52619 says:

Just found this video- LOFT CONVERSION IN A DAY!!! On a home retrofitted by
B&Q, supplied by ENVIROHOMES Ltd… I seen these guys at exhibition called
EcoBuild in london a while back, they’re at the forefront of ecofriendly
technology! Amazing conepts and products. Great vid by the way!

DNFmcX says:

So what the the turn key cost of this home?

shrunkensimon says:

eco-friendly.. comes with 42″ plasma TV! -_-

private personal concierge says:

@architecton2009 did you mean $1.60-$1.80 sq.ft.?

TomLeonard98 says:

haha excaclty what i thought

Falconsmite says:

The design of an eco shouse is more than C02, there are many forms of
environmental degredation. Excess C02, Wood products, Chemical products,
Excess waste like sewage, and electricity, and the construction and
skeleton of this house is like any other.

FCM says:

Love the music.

bi9boss says:

Thats why the music sounds so familiar. Seems Ur one of those spent hours
and hours playing the sims huh? here too! haha..

Butwhy Doesitmatter says:

Using gas is NOT eco friendly! Using solar, wind and propane that burns
clean, is. Just to clarify with my 2 cents.

Pablo Morais says:

This music is nostalgic… The Sims 1 is a classical!

pedro magoo says:

Eco what? Just build a supershell kit home with twice the thermal

IDmcgowan says:

Ha! The music is from ‘the Sims’ build mode.

jbmprojectscanada says:

Windows, Bathrooms, Floors. Put your next project in our hands! You won’t
be disappointed.

haku8645 says:

@nimaicupel HAHA yes it is 😀

packleader1215 says:

If it were Eco-Friendly, what’s all the wood used for? Just thinking!

Horizon Services, Inc. says:

It was exciting to see a house taking shape. But what was inspiring to note
was the fact that an eco-friendly house came up without any hassles.

architecton2009 says:

CDN$160-180/sq.ft. FOB Factory

Steve Napoleon says:

nice home. the hallways are too narrow. perhaps 1 ft wider or so. the
ceiling hieght should be 1 ft taller.

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