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Ecocapsule: New era of sustainable living.

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Meet Ecocapsule. Futuristic living, shipping in 2016.


Ieda DaSilva says:

I go with primitive technology lol way less for more…. I mean you exercise more :~)

MadeByMachond says:


Arthur White says:

This is a great idea. I am amazed it has not sold out yet. Its main positives (1+) solar/wind power (2+) water capture /purification (3+) lightweight (4,200lbs when filled with water; 2,700lbs without water) so it can be towed. The main negatves in my view (1-) still too heavy maybe? (would prefer max weight of 1500 lbs) (2-) does the windmill tower come down?(fold? for transportation) (3-) the price which will eventually come down. Essentially main draw is the energy and water usage. Anyone with solar/wind capture tech. hooked to a brand new happier camper ($20K) would be able to compete with ecocapsule perhaps? But this is an excellent effort and a beautiful piece.

LittleMissLatvia1 says:

I want one so fucking bad xux

Harley Bo says:

Dang good commercial

tempac91 says:

Lots of fucking naysayers in the comments section. Structures like this one are the future. The high cost is due R&D; cost of materials and assembly isn't that high and future versions will probably be A LOT cheaper.


I'm sorry 80K?! Hunnie, from where i come from, you can buy a nice cozy semi-D, 2 storey house with 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 3 bathrooms and enough land to plant stuff.

1791L says:

Fuck, this is awesome.

Banagan says:

$15k tops, understand it's a limited run. There are waste issues too.

Desolo Zantas says:

did it have a fridge? stove? how do i get wifi? does it have a composing toilet that i have to dump every time? does it have a mirror? how does heating and cooling work? How much does it cost in USD?

Desolo Zantas says:

as cool as this is I'm curious about Heating and Cooling, where the refrigerator is? and what kind of toilet is this and how do I use it? is it a composting toilet or is it some new concept of a toilet that is going to make me even sicker?

Desolo Zantas says:

please make a video demonstrating the toilet and fridge

MrPottymouth122 says:

Jesus fucking H Does ANYone ever actually really tour you through these fucking things???
Every single vid on these is either an obtuse piece of shit backed with shitty music that no one wants and is crucially missing NARRATIVE or it's a fucking infomercial that really doesn't inform.

Samuel Crawford says:

€80,000 for a caravan without wheels. Bargain.

cdyax says:

80.000 €? Estupidamente caro hay caravanas mucho mas baratas comodas y grandes

Ernest Yeap says:

I really dont mind staying in that. Just imagine no bills to pay. I would park it near the woods n sea. This + lab grown food n wow thats really life! Living would become so much cheaper, easier n happier!

Chris Greenlee says:

Where do you fuckers get off charging $80000 for this glorified trailer???

Brain 84 says:

Thanks for the idea and I won't be paying 80k when I can build one for less than 3k.

Johnnie Walker says:

for this kind of money you can build something way better than this crap… or you can ask someone to build it for you, it's not so hard.

Daniela Mendez says:

What About heating and cooling or a refrigerator?

Abd Rhmany yasseen says:

it is wonderful but we need like it to 2 person or more

王大衛 says:

What is the background music playing in this video?

Tim Skoog says:

Amazing! I would definitely live like that 😀

Wesley Groth says:

then again… you only have to worry about toiletry care. so taxes and water bills.

RaistlinM21 says:

Why the hell aren't the creators of this thing not posting YouTube videos of themselves spending at least a week in one of them?

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