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Eco Friendly Wrapping Ideas

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Spending hundreds on wrapping paper!? NO MORE!!! Come along as Leah and Mary show you how to make presents look fabulous with things that you have lying around the house! Talk about the ultimate Eco Christmas!

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Conor O' Brien says:

these wrapping paper ideas are super chic!

Rachel Cohen says:

Love y’all

Siiri S says:

love it! 🙂

Laura Dahlman says:

What’ also a pain about wrapping paper (where I live anyway) is they don’t
take wrapping paper in the recycle bin so there’s always a garbage bag of
trash which sucks for more than one reason. I don’t get any paper bags, I
use reusable grocery bags and no one offers paper where I live, so I bought
a roll a packaging paper this year at the dollar store very cheap and
recyclable. Thanks for the lovely wrapping ideas, love your videos keep up
the good work.

DIGS Channel says:


Sonia SunnySiiDe says:

this is great never thinked that i can use it this way

DIGS Channel says:

Thanks for the great comment! We’re happy it all worked out for you. 😀

dorotwhy says:

You guys rock and wrap.

Kalyani Javdekar says:

Wow! I like the magazine idea 😀 I was trying to find a creative way to
wrap my boyfriend’s gift and that is a great idea especially since gamer
magazines are what he loves 🙂 thanks guys!!

Summeri3reeZ says:

you girls are fabulous!!

DIGS Channel says:

That’s great – thanks for sharing! 😀

christdli says:

That’s amazing 🙂 Glad I haven’t wrapped my present yet

DIGS Channel says:

That’s amazing feedback, michriman84. We are glad to hear that these tips
are so useful. 😀

DIGS Channel says:


Elise Campeau says:

You girls rock

blah blah blah blah says:

This video saved me, it was an hour till I went to my best friend’s party
and I had no wrapping paper, tissue etc. so I used your ideas and wrapped
the small gifts with magazines and put them in lunch brown paper bags, the
outside was kind of boring so I hot glue gunned googly eyes, feathers and
pastel pom poms to the outside. Thank you Leah and Mary for the amazing

DIGS Channel says:


Michele Rimando says:

Awesome ideas! Last week I just helped a guest at the hotel I work for wrap
his kids Christmas gifts with our San Francisco maps! Lol, and now I just
watched this awesome video for wrapping ideas using our tools. =)

Sandra Lee says:

smart gals! smart ideals!

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