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Eco Friendly Vs. Eco Enemies!

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Not all eco friendly stuff is AMAZING to use, but there are some good products out there. Just try them

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Jacks Vids says:

This is how many people love Rachel

crazybob gamer133 says:

I agree Lola <3<3<3<3<3

em.spicegirls_ says:

Gwen at 1:55 tho 😂

Anthony Zagoursky says:

Rachel your so dumb potato without tin foil = baked potatoes

Jayda Clarke says:


Have a good day ☺️

Jorja Pugh says:

Does her mom know that if the world is cleaner than her chickens are heather

Emily Watson says:

Any other British folk getting triggered by the way she says ‘compostable’?

Taya and Fun says:

I went to a fast food place and there were straws that were made from plants and felt like PLASTIC AMAZING love u guys

Lucia Boii says:

Her mom really looks like Joyce from stranger things😂

Logan L says:

very body would rather be great to the earth. the bamboo straws are bad to.

Simply Holo says:

i love the amazing connection between rachel and her mom they seem so happy together

skyler olson says:

"somethings always hard"
-Rachel Ballinger 2019

Drake says:

Is no one going to mention the fart in the beginning?!?

Valerie Linares says:

"I don't know, I don't question science. You shouldn't either."
Um, questioning science is how we learn as a species. Think back to history in how flawed science has been in the past. Science cannot improve unless we question it. The minute we think we know everything, is the exact same moment we stop learning anything.

Sarah Calamity says:

Legit question: how are paper straws any better for the environment?

haley hall says:

0:49 made my day 😂❤️

Candice FalkinsAllen says:

Your mom's really making me want her cookies damn 🤷🏻‍♀️

Candice FalkinsAllen says:

"we used paper straws as kids, in our milk"

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