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Eco Friendly School & Office Supplies / Zero Waste Series

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It was requested to show what supplies I have been using with my transition to zero waste.This is what I have so far! I will say my transition to zero waste has not been easy. I love suggestion and things that that can better this minimal waste journey. Leave some suggestion of what videos you guys want to see next in the comments. xx
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Items Mentioned:
Lamy Fountain Pen:
Ink and Ink refill converter:


Eco Highlighters:

(or buy single pencil from their website)

Paper folders:
I was unable to find the ones that I have, but here are some similar ones


Refillable water bottle: Hydro Flask 32 oz

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Natalie Bardu’s IPad Pro Video:


IceFire Obsidian says:

Why didn't you get a lamy safari? So weird buying a felt tip pen from a fountain pen company…. I use an allstar and a twisbi eco

Angel of Trumpets says:

How do people talk so low about their art? Like, it"s amazing. They can have different quirks and that"s awesome. Your doodles look like finished peices worthy of instagram. It's so frustrating hearing that.

Emily Bushell says:

I paid $4 for my Fjall Raven Kanken at the second hand store 4 years ago and it’s going strong! Love that little guy.

hopegirl518 Ashlynn says:

The bag thing is very true.I've used mine for nearly five years.

Monai Wahedi says:

I ve been using the same plastic waterbottle for 3 years now…I don't know if it hazardous but if it is i might need to replace it

halloweeneveryday says:

What?! Your drawings were so good! Don’t undermine yourself. <3

S O L U G U B R I O U S says:

Clairefontaine and Rhodia notebooks are eco friendly and completely recyclable!

RobinRMontgomery says:

I'm surprised that you couldn't pronounce Fjallraven when you've been to Sweden? Fjallraven is Norwegian for Mountain Fox. Norwegian, tho different, is VERY similar to Swedish because they shared a government for decades, being neighbors. It's pronounced <fee-YAHL-rah-vIN> the YAHL and IN of "vin" are said with an upspeak.

Morgan Greene says:

I want 2 be your friend

Jenny Liu says:

Everyone should check out the rocketbook Erelast notebook! Completely reusable! https://getrocketbook.com/ write. scan. wet. erase.

Sarah DeMond says:

Hi!! If you want to get a really nice metal pencil, but don’t want to get them in plastic packaging, art stores like Blick have them unwrapped in a display and have a paper price tag on them!!

Emily loves John says:

Really cool video, but still, where is your necklace from? I need it girl :DIit's so beautiful ♥

Süti says:

Refill station=toilet sink? lol

Stephy Fairy says:

I would not go for any Apple device. because they are not a true ethical company. Reasons?

"For example, tin is a major component in Apple’s products and much of it is sourced in Indonesia. Although there are mines that source tin ethically, there are also many that do not. One study found workers—many of them children—working in unsafe conditions, digging tin out by hand in mines prone to landslides that could bury workers alive. About 70% of the tin used in electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets comes from these more dangerous, small-scale mines. An investigation by the BBC revealed how perilous these working conditions can be. In interviews with miners, a 12-year-old working at the bottom of a 70-foot cliff of sand said: “I worry about landslides. The earth slipping from up there to the bottom. It could happen.”

"the Foxconn Technology factory, where Apple manufactures many of their products, has repeatedly been criticized for ethics violations and socially irresponsible working conditions. Violations included in the report included:

Crowded dormitories where many workers were forced to live.
Workers forced to stand until their legs were swollen and they were unable to walk
Underage workers
Improper waste removal.
Wages of less than $17 to $22 a day.
Multiple suicide attempts by workers, including a recent instance where 150 workers threatened to jump off a roof due to a work and pay dispute."

Elise Rose says:

I believe it's pronounced "Fee-yall rAven Con-Ken" and the "a" in Raven is supposedly pronounced like the "A" in Lawn from what I've heard 🙂

Mara Straube says:

being german, where you are actually still required to lern nice pen writing at school i must say i immediately started hating you when you compared your refillable pen to ballpens …. Pens with ink are no alternative to ballpens, them are the alternative to nice tidy handwriting and classy look of pens with ink!
Also as an art major i can tell you, the form of your drawing worked just right but you should definitely do some exercises to get the actual colors of stuff and not make them look so comic like
-thank you for the nice video!

Sara P. says:

i don't know but when i think about a more "natural" and zero waste lifestyle i'm more for the "techless" than the paperless. is it only my perspective?

Shena52 says:

Nice video and DO what makes YOU comfortable don't over think this zero waste…it will stress you out…

tears and dreams says:

She looks ankward

yyysboy1 says:

i did notice there has been an increasing number of people carrying the backpacks same as your brand. thanks for ur video now i have learnt that this brand is environment friendly – when i saw the brand name i wasnt sure what it means … i personally like bigger size tho cos i normally chuck lots of stuff in my bag.

Christy Contreras says:

Change out the leather in your bag?? That makes no sense from a zero waste perspective. Why can’t you just use it till the end of its life if you already bought it?? Why waste it and buy something else? Ugh that’s what bothers me about western zero waste and vegan culture… it’s too superficial and not rooted in the actual values but focused on the labels.

Thuytrang Ngophan says:

I can't stop looking at your eyes, and your bang 😂

mahrysanchez says:

Fountain pens could be a great zero waste solution. The inks are consumable, and often in glass bottles that can be recycled and reused. Fountain pens lasts years and years, sometimes even decades or more (Waterman had a 100 year warranty on their pens). And you can find them in a wide range of prices.

Homicidel Kittensweaters says:

https://www.guided.com/products/1-rebinder-recycled-binders-original Ok so. I found a binder that is 100% recycled! It’s on guided .com and it’s called remind original sorry for leaving links in the comment section but I thought it would be important

Carly Street says:

I use the refillable notebook from Filofax. A cheap alternative to the normal Filofax, but the refills do come in plastic ☹️

KenshinBattousai374 says:

I just dropped by to snootily say "cartridge, not….cartilidge…??"

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