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Eco Friendly Products Pt. 2

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I’m TRYING to be better to mother nature

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Victoria Crawford says:

“Used them, got them, trusted them???…….who gave me a college degree? Idiots” -Rachel Ballinger

LMAO love u Rachel

Kennedy Wilcox says:

The charger is for when you're camping and don't have access to an electrical outlet

Loujain Aboelkassem says:


i am soo sorry i just got way to exited

Tatyana Navarro says:

Not to be rude or anything bc I love your channel but if the bamboo paper towels aren’t all that great I wouldn’t buy em and save some pandas

sara ibrahim says:

10:51 really ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Harvey Russel says:


Marie ___ says:

A permanent alternative to beeswax wrap if you don’t like it there are silicone reusable ziploc bags.

Horses, Animals and Everything says:

If you keep the seed in an avocado, it doesn't brown as fast. So your experiment with the two avocado slices was not very fair 😂.

Thori Nelson says:

You can use bee products, the pesticides farmers use kill the bees

Abby Murphy says:


Hayden Mcarthur says:

Peel the avocado peel the avocado

Anna999 H says:

Why is NO ONE talking about this solar phone charger?!?!?

jessica bailey says:

For the beeswax sheet thingies you’re supposed to crumple them up then open them to use em

Bre's Bunnies says:

The straws you did in the last video I went out and bought them and I love them so much!!

Ahry Comer says:

She’s so funny

Katharina G says:

try a menstrual cup and a bamboo toothbrush next time!

Gaby Diaz says:

You should’ve tried the Bamboo paper towels that we on shark tank

jordon loves squishy says:

Yass Rachel show ur qorky Ness and be proud in a good way

Kelsey Zachary says:

Ironically, the resources used to break down the bamboo and sugar cane to make it a usable paper (or any other kind of fabric/fibre) are way more harmful and destructive to the environment than the processes used for making paper out of trees!

I love your videos! Keep'em coming!!

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