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ECO FRIENDLY Plastic & Sand Tiled Houses

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Plastic or ecologically friendly houses may soon be the way to go if the environment is to be saved. Some companies are using river sand and plastics to make roof tiles to reduce on environmental degradation.
The bonus is that they are good heat insulators, rain harvesters and cheaper


urška hafner says:
Robert Pyatu says:

This is the way to go in the struggle to conserve the environment for the
later generation.

Dave Worsley says:

We are a Machinery and Technology Supply Company based in Cape Town,South
Africa that supplied this machinery and technology.

Having been involved in the Recycling Industry for over 30 years, we
identified a need for the recycling of mixed post consumer plastic waste.
After many years of research and equipment design, sustainable products
have been developed. Through the blending of post consumer waste plastic
with sand and applying heat and pressure, a range of viable products are

These products include:
• Roof tiles
• Manhole covers
• Paving slabs
• Cobbles
• Railway sleepers
• Retaining blocks

In 2012, the Department of Human Settlements in South Africa acknowledged
the Roof Tile Product and it was awarded a Prestigious Gold
Medal for the best alternative building product.
In addition to this, we achieved the Best-Recycled Product Award for 2012
from SAPRO (The South African Plastic Recyclers Organization).
Not only are the products lighter in comparison to conventional products,
but they are also harder wearing and far more durable.
The advantages of this product are endless.
A few notable advantages include:

Reduced weight (ensuring lower transport costs).
Fewer breakages (less than 1%, as the products are not as fragile as
conventional products which can have upto 10% breakages).
Greater impact resistance (this can be attributed to the plastic element
of the product).
The product is non-porous (eliminating the risk of water absorption and
fungus growth on tiles, blocks etc).
Fully recyclable after use.
Hailstone Proof.

In addition to this.

Creation of employment for the local Community.
A more sustainable product that can be used in Building Projects.

We have three of these plants operating in South Africa, this one in Uganda
and we are currently negotiating with Nigeria, Ghana, Seychelles, Reunion,
Namibia and the Maldives.
We supply a full turn-key solution and hand over a fully operational plant
to our customers. In addition to this, back-up is supplied in
terms of spare parts and technical know-how, as well as training for key
personnel and staff.
Furthermore, we will assist in the design of new products to the client’s
specifications and implementation thereof. All of this enables
us to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
If you think this is a project that would be of a benefit to you and would
care to meet with us to discuss this further, please feel free
to contact us.

Dave Worsley
Off: +27 21 5574502
Mob: + 27 (0) 835812985
Greg Muller

Danish Shekar says:

Is it available in India…?

Amos Tamusuza says:

What was aired on Eco-Talk

Amos Tamusuza says:

Thanks Florence, however those who may want my contacts, please fill free
to +256 705 603 422 or +256 312 516 584

Amos Tamusuza says:

We are only using Industrial ecology concept to save our environment. It’s
through an appreciation of the viability of transforming plastic waste into
an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable product that is
reusable, recyclable and responsible.we really produce roofing tiles that
are cost- effective, durable and high quality through a committed and
revolutionary approach using an Eco-friendly efficient and innovative
process model… “Plastics + sand = Resintile”

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