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ECO-FRIENDLY MASSIVE SEWAGE SYSTEM – Cities Skylines [Los Vooperis] #13

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We create the largest sewage system we can imagine, with eco-friendly absorption and evaporation. This very well may be the largest sewage-related project in Cities Skylines.

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Lenin Lopez says:

The evaporation (if thus game was EXTREMELY realistic) would cause minor air pollution due to the fact that feces is in the water and will eventually cause the water to be so poisonous that as it evaporates it will literally cause the air around to be so acidic that everyone will die due from the rain.

Caplon Gaming says:

You just made the city look depressing m8 ha

duphasdan says:

Ever thought about expanding on the monorail and / or rail service to any of the other islands? Or even make a full loop around the settled and unsettled islands with either rails?

Lastly, adding some parks here and there would raise the land value to the point where better buildings would be made. I personally like to abuse the parks, plopping a few here and there. The increased value of the land results into some good income from taxes.

Bradley Fiato says:

You should just use pumps on the other end of the resevior instead of the street cleaners. It will be more effective also you should use the wave power plant incorporated into that so it is also making power from the water…

BonelessEar says:

Its not evaporating. I guess water in water channels behaves same way as services on roads. Further from source in narrow channel less current. Far enough, no current at all.

meme lord says:

My little spook vooper is growing up 🙁

Marinus Bokslag says:

"I know my viewers" yes you do!

Kasper Lassander says:

make a dam on the walls between the waste hole

Lenny Leax says:

the giant sewage basin you're building kinda looks like germany when you zoom out pretty fitting considering the migrant situation over there

Nick Mettler says:

This is the kind of thing that ends up as a anomaly in stellaris

philippe Lebel says:

can you do time lapses instead of playing a long time

westtell4 says:

what mods do you use

Something41214 says:

Keep natural disasters off

Foreign Nation says:

Really wasn't working lmao

Igofuzz Jacobs says:

You should put your sewage plants nearer the basin, so it stops filling the deep area. This also lets you know if it's enough for the city

Silas Grizzell says:

You are one of 2 youtube gamers that don't make me cringe. I have searched so long for another. (you and zeroyalviking)

Elysan Empire says:

Add 4 way grooves on the islands in the bysiun this will add more surface area

Karen Thompson says:

Looked at the play list and that's the end more plz😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Carlos Santos says:

operation chocolate bar was a sussece!:D

Pan Daimonium says:

I'm not clear on why you're including the ridges under the water. If it pools into a smaller land-area, its surface area will be smaller, not greater. Better to have it in a wide flat place.

The United Communes of Zhopgrad says:

Someone already said this, but maybe you could build a dam on the Volcano to restrict water flow to keep the system working AND generate power? and then build a bypass for when the water get's too high.

novi beograd says:

Dude, learn psyhics

erazem350 says:

this is the product of alien civilisation on earth. u do remember the wheat circles, right…?

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