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Eco Friendly Makeup + Curly Updo | SunKissAlba

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♥ All Info is Listed Here ♥

Are you interested in Beauty Products that are, All Natural, 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, SLS Free, Hypo Allergenic & Gluten Free, Fragrance Free, etc… These Products are “Harm Free” to your skin & the environment. So this video may be a huge help to all of you health cautious folks. I Hope you enjoyed it! =)

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♥ Necklace Im wearing === http://www.ShopLately.com
(Lily Wang Necklace)

Eye Lash Storage Case http://www.HouseofLashes.com

=== Products Info ===
Mineral Fusion can be purchased at:
Whole Foods or http://www.MineralFusion.com

Mineral Fusion is infused with the safest, gentle ingredients with the powerful blend of Pomegranate, Red Tea, White Tea, Sea Kelp and Vitamin C & E for Natural Age Defying antioxidants and UV protection. They also include Aloe Vera, Licorice Root, and Cucumber to sooth and Nourish Skin.

=== Products List ===
1. Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Liquid Foundation – Warm
2. Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder – Warm 3
3. Mineral Fusion Bronzer – Sparkle
4. Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow Trio – Espresso Gold
5. Mineral Fusion Lip Glos – Gleam & Sheen
6. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Lash Boosting Mascara – Black
7. Physicians Formula Eye Liner Trio for Green Eyes
8. Liberty Republic Fake It Lashes – Walk of Shame
9. Sheer Cover Lid to Lid Bronzing High Light
10. Eye Lash Storage Case http://www.HouseofLashes.com

♥ ♥ Makeup Brushes ♥♥ : http://www.bdelliumtools.com

Physicians Formula can be found at Drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, etc…

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♥ Alba


A'miracleForeverYoung says:

+SunKissAlba Hey! I usually don’t shop online for makeup,but….Are there
any stores I can visit to find organic makeup ?Or any types of organic
makeup I can find without going online.Oh and I must say your very gorgeous
and I admire your videos and you have inspired me to one day create a
makeup line of organic makeup for all women and all races .

Sofia Gutierrez says:

Alba, have you tried/ thought about trying bare minerals liquid foundation?
I would really like to see how it looks on someone of my complexion. If you
don’t want to buy the full 30$ bottle, I believe they have smaller sample
sizes for a lot less.
Thanks a bunch,

fdoeppen says:


Proud barbz says:


yallipop says:

love to try healthy brands but they always have very few skin tones lol

Adrienne Jones says:

do Physicians Formula Eye Liner Trio have lead? is pf mascara waterfproof

Latoya Reid says:


CocoShea81 says:

I’ve only tried Mineral Fusion polish so far, but am on the hunt for
healthier make-up. Might have to give their other products a try! Thanks
for the video!

shopoholic S says:

You are gorgeous! BUT when you say ‘clean bare face’, it looks like you
have some make up on, especially the eye bag area….You are gorgeous, so
no need to act like you have nothing on when you do.

tonicGLAM says:

i was hesitant about trying natural products but now im a believer!

Calligan Green says:

I have curly hair like yours and I’ve always wanted bangs like yours, do
you have to go to someone specifically to get bangs like that, or can you
do it at home?

Anonymous519131 says:

I LOVE that you’re using Eco friendly makeup!! You’re amazing! I’ve never
bought makeup, but when I do, they will be Eco friendly. With your help

Hadiyah Ujima says:

With or without make-up you are still really beautiful!!

Ebru Azeri says:

you are so amazing!!!

Nina Carter says:

She is dominican

Nazaret Colon says:

I finally found someone with the same hair as me! I’m so happy! Thank you
so much for your videos, they’re fantastic!! Greetings all the way from
Puerto Rico 😀

Georgia L says:

what makeup brushes do you use ..can you do a tutorial on your makeup

SunKissAlba says:

if u dont wear anything at all ur best at going to sephora or any
department store and trying out something first before buying this way you
get the exact color match and exact amount of coverage you want. my
favorite is bobbi brown for foundation they have a very light one called
skin foundation that looks so natural 🙂

jaybee78 says:

without makeup you are even more beautiful than most of the women on here
with tons of makeup on. and your cuuurrrllls <3 subscribed!

Blc2102 says:

Wow that’s gorgeous, do you think the purple liner will also suit dark eye

missinfinitebeauty says:

I wanna do this updo for a formal I have at school, do you think it will
fall out while I dance?

TheDeadlyDame says:

absolutely love your channel! you’re a true beauty

maria ramirez says:

Beautiful 🙂

SunKissAlba says:

I have a video on my hair routine. yes my hair is naturally curly like this
🙂 the videos is titled “New Cury Hair Routine wash & Go” 🙂

LoveJonesy says:

What is the name of the green tea bag? I think it was a tea bag holder in
your cup : )

Esmee de Vries says:

soo pretty you have the most gorgeous eyebrows i’ve ever seen hahah ! <3

Maria M says:

You are GORGEOUS!! What is your background?? lol

SunKissAlba says:

hazel 🙂

Luvlyredbone says:

That is the cutest eyelash case I’ve ever seen…please share where I can
get one?

Hadiyah Ujima says:

What race are you? And also how do you look with straightened hair?

Yeli Espin says:

Me encantas tus videos ,me acabo de suscribirr jejeej me gustaria q
tuvieras mas videos en español :(. Me has solucionado muchas dudas porq soy
morena con pelo rizado y no encontraba ni maquillaje ni peinados 😉 muxooss
besos desde España. guapaa!!!

Anastacia Jones says:

What product/brand would you recommend to someone (like me) who want to
start wearing foundation ? I don’t want to purchase something that sucks!
Also, how do you figure out your shade ?

sketchthebeauty says:

Hiii Alba you’re so pretty. I’m wondering if you could do a simple eye look
for graduation pictures. Im taking grad pics next week, I’m kinda stuck w.
Figuring out what would look good in photos & what are the dos and donts.

Vika10 says:

just watched your “draw my life video”… and then watched this one.. and
now it makes perfect sense…i mean, why you’re such a gorgeous young woman
:)) Dominican Republic is a cool place…at least for tourists :))) Love
the beaches there! 😀

lazeezee says:

great info -been wanting to know bout natural make up- fantastic vid*

sarah j. says:

you really are exceptionally beautiful- I hope you don’t have too much of a
problem with women being cruel to you, they can often be very contemptuous
with a beautiful girl

SunKissAlba says:

mango tea 🙂

Eii Al Suwaidi says:

beautiful♥ what song is this?

Erika Burgos says:

Me encanta tu pelo es súper hermoso y se ve muy saludable 😀

SunKissAlba says:

I have a spring makeup tutorial uploaded recently with a spring hair updo
at the end aswell its called pretty purple spring look

Ashley Nicole says:

instead of mac try sigma, the brushes are very similar and cheaper 🙂

Kaneshia Shana says:

Just wanted to stop by and say I think you soo pretty, and I love your
channel!!! I would love if you could check out my channel! Thank you xoxo

Hadiyah Ujima says:

Well not cutting your hair worked! Because you hair is so beautiful! I’ll
be sure to check out! Really love you videos! I can really relate to you
because your color! lol 😀

diana galvan says:

hey:) tengo una pregunta k puedo usar para aclarar mi piel ya k siempre
seme pone al rededor de mi boca mas oscuro aun k tenga makillaje …
nececito tu ayuda 🙁

LenaMarie gomez says:

quiero tu pelo!! 😀

Anastacia Jones says:

Alright thanks ! That’s a start . I’ll look into the bobbi brown too !

kandy .k says:

Hey Alba, i know that you dont use heat but i would love to see your hair
straight just for a change!

S Johnson says:

Thanks for this tutorial! Ur skin tone is very similar to mine-before we
moved. Can u do a tutorial for when u get a serious tan pls? I am currently
living in a sunny area and my skintone color has changed

SunKissAlba says:

bdellium tools I have a video on it but i dont remember if its still up :/

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