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Eco-Friendly Homes – Future Technology

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Please protect our environment by reducing waste, reusing materials, recycling, and learning more about eco-friendly homes and living. Other types of bio-friendly houses include Earthships. http://www.binishells.com/
Track list:
0:00 to 0:05 is “Liquid Sun” by Astral Projection.
0:05 to 0:32 is “From the Heart (Tribute to Wonderboy)” by Afgin.
0:33 to 0:42 is “Sight of the Sages” by Chi-AD.
0:43 to 1:23 is “Earth Ritual” by Phobos … mixed into Sonarush
1:09 to 1:23 is “Sonarush” by Psylent Buddhi.
1:24 to 1:50 is “Marianna Falls” by Asura.


Jack Haynes says:

how much would a binishell house cost then?
they never replied to my emails.

m12acissej11 says:

0:50 Cheon Song YI!

emospadez says:

actually white roofs are more efficient in reflecting sun light than green

Alexander M. Blass says:

Dante & Nicola Bini / >> http://www.binishells.com
One of my favorites on future Architecture.. He began his carrier on the 70
ies with a bet.. He bet, he can build up a Dome in less then a Week and his
study friends lough about him.. he won his bet and since this time a lot

tyarell LJ says:

The future of Bristol housing plans? Could be your next house?

Leon Walker says:


therobsterisalobster says:

Why can’t there be some heterogeneity in terms of the house designs, so
that people have the freedom to choose how their house looks and therefore
be allowed a level of individuality?

omar pena says:

No roads? I mean their are Toyota prius and smart cars and other hybrids

Thomas Long says:

That is dumb might look nice but the grass on the roof will put roots in it
and in time your fucked

Masinuk Mas says:

how much does a binishell cost?

Terence Miranda says:

I second that!

Martin Lengechev says:

This is a real future eco-home, not the super-luxury rubbish that cost

rotordrift1 says:

you guys really need to improve your website, like maby add a section for
how much they cost so that way people will buy them. like me

jayden777 says:

I don’t work for the company and didn’t design the site. I’m sure they’ll
see your feedback though. 🙂

angeles marrero says:

yo quiero una

pedro ramalho says:
Solar Power Gadget says:

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