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Eco Friendly Holi Colours | Mocomi Kids

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http://mocomi.com/ presents: A safe way to play holi.

Colours used in Holi are meant to reflect the various hues of the spring season. Holi, as you already know, is a celebration of the arrival of spring.

The colours used during Holi once upon a time were prepared from the flowers of trees that blossomed during spring. Most of these trees also had medicinal properties and the colours obtained from them were highly beneficial to the skin.

With the rapid commercialization of this festival, and a strong demand for other colours, manufacturers started producing artificial colours, which are not only more sought after, but also inexpensive as compared to natural colours.

What people tend to ignore is that these artificial colours consist of a large number of chemicals, which can have severe ill-effects on your health.

Learn how to make natural Holi colors and enjoy it to the fullest!

To read more information on eco friendly holi, go to: http://mocomi.com/eco-friendly-holi/

For more environment related videos and interactive articles, visit: http://mocomi.com/learn/environment/


MocomiKids says:

Play eco-friendly and safe #Holi! Use natural colors, say no to artificial
#colors. Celebrate the arrival of #spring with this video #HappyHoli

pinky bothra says:

enjoy the happy and safe holi .here is the video for u

Michael Fan says:


MocomiKids says:

Happy Holi to you too, Rahul Roy!

Alucard Reborn says:

Very useful video tnx for this.

Rahul Roy says:

Happy Holi

Elaissa Maree Mantos Dabalos says:

thank you so much!!!!! ^_^

EternalRisingFist says:

Great vid!

MocomiKids says:

Thanks EternalRisingFist. Check out some of our other videos at our Youtube
channel ‘mocomikids’ and tell us what you think.

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