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Eco-friendly Hair Salon in San Francisco: Plum Organic Beauty

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Whitney Lauritsen of Eco-Vegan Gal gets a hair cut at an eco-friendly salon in San Francisco called Plum Organic Beauty and then interviews the owner and stylist Danica Winters about the importance of non-toxic hair care.


jess slegr says:

I love this hair salon! I wish to be in the US. I would definitely come
here. Keep up the good work and aim.

gaiaswhisper says:

Thank you for sharing this, this is so inspirational as someone who dreams
of opening her own organic beauty salon one day! Danica is lovely! Love
your videos!!!! Thank you so much!!!

scopey68 says:

I like that you’re using the old music… 😉

cheryl matsuyama says:

good video i wish we had a salon here in hawaii !!

SavvyJoule says:

Can you find a less toxic nail salon to visit?

cestherrun says:

That is really cool. I don’t believe I have one over here. I haven’t gone
to a salon in over a year. I watched some videos on youtube, and just cut
my own hair now, lol. Would be cool to get one opened over here in
Wisconsin though.

RunningSD says:

i wanna run my fingers through your hair then kiss you passionatly. but
jokes aside you look great with your new hair style.

lovingvegan says:

wooooow, this salon sounds amazing. makes me want to visit it right at this
very moment! unfortunately san fransico is quite far away from germany, but
i will check this salon out when i’m in sf one day! the owner is so

Alovespresley says:

And thankfully lots of product lines are making changes for the better!
Thank goodness!

EdibleGoddess says:

I LOVE Danica & The Plum! Danica gives the best haircuts and I’m elated to
have finally found her after hopping from salon to salon in search of the
perfect holistic + organic hair stylist. And, she’s going to start selling
the WildBars – yay!!

only1LOGOS says:

And I love her hair!

only1LOGOS says:

I wish this was my salon… too bad places like this probably have
ridiculous co$t :-/ but atill great!

InvisiMan2006 says:

Wow, what a way to take care of customers! I’m curious how she can generate
enough revenue just doing it alone. That must be a challenge.

Kim Di Clemente says:

I am currently working as a Hairstylist in a ‘regular’ salon. I totally
understand with Danca… I have spent alot of time removing checmicals from
my food, but then spend all day breathing them in. I am currently on the
lokout for an organic salon to continue my career. GREAT video, thanks:-)

Alovespresley says:

Would LOVE to work at a salon like this! Pretty hard to find though :(…
So I do my best with the products I have 🙂

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