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Eco Friendly Coffe run!

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trying out the Tesla P85D… pew pew pew… battery on the gopro died shortly after getting coffee tho. w/e


Lambo Pleb says:

LOL, make em pay.

Mosanso says:

Everywhere is a race track, unless your a pussy.

Matthew Santoro says:

Life goal: buy a car that has INSANE MODE

LoBoost says:

Duracell kicked in yo

deadmau5 says:
thefairystamp says:

who is that attractive person next to him? O_O

Team Shmo says:

Only Deadmau5 would take someone out for coffee with no money and ask them
to pay ahha

Dat nigga Caillou says:

It’s past my bed time

smokejc says:

I don’t like it, it’s too loud.

Navok says:

How do you like the Tesla, Joel?

Keenan A says:

Memory filled =(

Marblez3 says:

Is this dude a car salesman?

zhbroder says:

who is this guy is he a friend of yours who happens to sell teslas or

Entrepreneurs in Cars says:

Looking forward to a run video with the P1

Taylor Morrison says:

If you put on closed captions, he is actually driving a “Be Pecan Pie the
I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a much cooler vehicle.

gabe says:

Doesn’t even say thank you at the end

Rob D says:

Scary to think that a faulty update could possibly kill you when it mis
calculates a turn.

István Nagy says:

deadmau5 tries the Tesla P85D. No that’s not Elen Musk. 

Levi Whalen says:

My favorite part is when Joel looks at the camera after saying he has no
money…every time.

Salomon P says:

I wonder if after long time of Tesla driving you start to get annoyed by
how loud other cars are to disturb your silent journey.

lilkillez cx says:

Omg is Joel wearing the creeper hoodie? O w O

Badxp3riment says:

This salesman hah. Joel doesn’t seem as impressed as most people.

Brent Moore says:

You own a P1 man… dafuq you in a tesla for

lllJoseLuislll says:

2:07 I thought that they had fucking crashed lol

Reda El Mraki says:

+deadmau5 are you going to buy it?

Hunter Thomas says:

eco friendly, but is it eekkoo friendly?

David Ammerlaan says:

you didn’t take Elon for a coffee run then

Michael Nguyen says:

why deadmau5 always wear cap?

Cole Real says:

Gonna buy more bigger toys with all that Tidal money?

Spencer Funk says:


ASKWilliman says:

did he get rid of his Bentley?

RRGeada says:

this car regen energy ?

oO360FanOo | DronezZ says:

Finally. At least there is ONE millionaire who knows stuff about cars. Not
just for showing off.

rellybeats says:

1:36 Warp speed initiated.

kudjo24 says:

Uhhhhh, would’ve been better with Musk himself LOL jkjk

Vincent Chiaramonte says:

this is my dream car

Chad Andersen says:

Hey was that kat Von D walking by in the background 

Sergio Diaz says:

I would love to have a car like this..

mack polk says:

next coffee run should be with dave grhol

Hisham Dawod says:

“okay……. shit ._. “

imtechguy says:

he has a p1?

97aventador says:

Did I hear him say “Avicii, nice”?

OptimusBananas says:

must have more coffee run!

SoundWaveTube says:

Meowingtons Drinked the last “e” from Coffee …

irre levant says:

how can you not be impressed.. This is way better than any car on the road!
I can only imagine what he drives..

Gasinduced says:

BIG coffees!

totsinoprotsi says:

Haha in every coffee run when he mentions that he doesn’t have any money,
he gives the camera this particular smile like… Gotcha.

King Vortex says:

No Skrillex? :(

De_ Wolf says:

2:06 I thought they crashed and died for a split second. scared the shit
out of me

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