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Eco-Friendly Beauty

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Yay for being Green! BTW, Please, if you have nothing nice to say, please don’t say anything at all. This video is for Charity and doesn’t deserve any catty remarks. I will block anything negative. Let’s keep this video positive. Thank you!

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Music by Mindy Gledhill

Whole Wide World

Her entire Album is AMAZING! Please support her music!
and her Anchor Music Video

This is an old fashion way of curling your hair. Back in the day they didn’t have hair dryers or curling irons, so the women curled their hair using rags and rollers. This is my video contribution for Ecomagination hosted by GE and Howcast.

This method is not only healthy for your hair because you’re not using heat, but you’re using less energy and using reusable materials to curl your hair. Don’t throw your rags away, you can keep them. Wash and dry and reuse them!


Khue Nguyen says:

love it!

Noah Gilman says:
rainy9262 says:

Can you make a Dove Cameron

NinazHome says:

Nice ! Very creative and for a good cause 🙂

Michelle you are a true inspiration! And I hope one day I’ll get to inspire
people the way you do 🙂
I have a channel where I raise awareness on many issues. My first video was
about rape. To all the victims, remember you are survivors so stay strong
🙂 and if you need any help or someone to talk to you can send me a message

Jermayne Mayne says:

MCDS is all over her fame with these ads. lol

Wonder Crafts says:

I love your channel

prettyinpinkgirl723 says:

i did this and it look totally amazing love it and do it all the time

Laura Azevedo says:

love this!

Libby Lloyd says:

this is the first vid ive evr seen from Michelle Phan <3

Sarina Justice says:

Can you do a makeup tutorial for the makeup you used in this video? Thumbs
Up So She Can See It!!!

LivingLifeform says:

So is using the internet

Haruhi le says:

You are so pretty and cute love your channel I will subscr

Jessy Brady says:

Can you do a tutorial of the makeup you’re wearing

Bluemeg1234 says:

Shes beautiful, I wish I was that pretty… But yea I’m definitely gonna
try that tomorrow and see how I do 🙂 I have an art gallery to go to and my
boyfriend wants to see me in a dress so I’m gonna try this 😀 Thanks so
much for the tip! Fingers crossed that it works good for my hair 🙂

BottleCap says:

Thank u a beaded it people may think I’m too young but I’m ten and I’m very
careful about how I look so thank you and I don’t have a curler

Grace Livengood says:

That’s so cute!

Sunny33311 says:

wow you’re so pretty in this video 🙂

Cassiebelle Rose says:

Has anyone realised the hand thing she has on is in andreaschoice JULY
FAVOURITES!! video? not July +heart+ favourites?! video lol! There so
stylish in America!

BenBobSmiles says:

This NEVER works for me 🙁

TheGirlygal4ever says:

in the woods yeah not really in your garden

ceray says:


Sarah Harris says:

Where Can you get that glove thingy

The Bear Light says:

Keep on being pretty!!! You are so pretty!!

SexyEcoTips says:

Great video! For more Eco-friendly tips, please check out my channel:

StrawberryStreams says:

How long does it last? 😮

Elle Cullen says:


Leona Candrea says:

Gosh how beautiful she was… i mean she’s still beautiful but damn she was
really pretty in here

Elaine Janine says:

This is just like her paperbag tutorial 😀 I loove her makeup thoo

pompom26 says:

Wow you are so pretty! I will be sure to try this!

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